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Almora District (Uttarakhand)

Posted Date: 12 Jan 2009      Posted By: Tony John    Member Level: Diamond  Points: 0

Local Representative for Almora district

State: Uttarakhand
Collectorate Office:
Telephone Number:

Taluks in Almora district:

  • Ranikhet
  • Bhikiyasen
  • Almora
  • Salt
  • Bhanoli
  • Jainti
  • Dwarahat
  • Someshwar
  • Chaukhutia
  • Bhikyasain
  • Dawarahat
  • Dawaraht
  • Almora.
  • Sult

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    Almora is a hilly town in Kumaun area of Uttarakhand state and is a popular tourist place especially in summer time. It is said that the town got it's name from the name of a small plant 'Kilmora' which was used for utensil cleaning long back in that region.

    Almora is a place from where one can have a picturesque view of the Himalayas and other hills and valleys around. Walking to nearby temples and villages is a common activity enjoyed by the locals as well as tourists.

    Almora falls between two other famous tourist towns namely Nainital and Ranikhet and many tourists visiting these areas cover all the three during their stay as these are nearby and require 2-3 hour bus/car journey to go from one place to other.

    For those who want to shop for woollen clothes, the local market in Almora offers a large collection at a reasonable price.

    For those who like eating sweets, there is a special version of chocolate dressed with small sugar balls known as 'Bal Mithai' and another milk sweet known as 'Shingori' which is individually enclosed in a particular leaf of a tree. These sweets are very tasty and very famous. Whoever happens to visit Almora will definitely purchase them to take back home.

    - Umesh

    Updates & Comments:

    Posted By: bharat bhushan singh    Posted Date: 02 Apr 2009   
    Almora web page:

    Important contacts

    District Magistrate:
    office phone:05962-230170

    Superintendent of Police
    office phone: 05962-230007

    Regional Tourist Officer: 05962-230180
    Adventure Tourism Officer: 05962-237760
    District Information Officer:05962-230209

    Posted By: Latha Jayaprakash    Posted Date: 18 Jun 2010   
    Almora District is situated in the state of Uttaranchal / Uttarakhand in India with town Almora as its administrative headquarters. Almora District is placed in the Kumaon Division of the state Uttarakhand.

    History of the Almora District

    Almora was an ancient town under the possession of Katyuri King Baichaldeo, who later donated a major portion of the land to to a Gujrati Brahmin Sri Chand Tiwari. Later when the Chand kingdom was founded the town of Almora was also born. The town was founded by Kalyan Chand and was called Rajapur in the earlier days.

    Almora is formed on the horse shoe shaped ridge. While the eastern ridge was known as Talifat, the western part was Selifat. Both these parts are connected the market which is the top of the ridge. The stone slabs covered market is a little more than two kilometers long and the present cantonement was earlier known as Lalmandi. Malla Mahal of the Chand kings was located where the present Collectorate is and Talla Mahal was where the present District hospital exists.

    The city of Temples Almora

    Temples of Almora can be divided in to Saivite and Vaishnavite temples. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity in Kal Bhairava, Batuk Bhairav, Shah Bhairav, Garhi Bhairava, Anand Bhairava, Gaur Bhairava, Bal Bhairava and Khutkuniya Bhairava It is said that these 8 bhairavas keep watch at the 8 gates of the City of Shiva.

    There are 9 temples dedicated to Devi / Durga, namely Patal Devi or Patreshwari Devi, Yakshini Devi, Rajrajeshwari Devi, Tripura, Nanda, Ulka Devi, Sitla Devi, Kot Kalika and Durga Ratneshwari. You can also find other temples which are dedicated to Viswanath, Someshwar and Kshetrapal in these areas.

    Among the Vaishnavite temples Siddha Narsimha endowed by the Gorkhalis is an important one, Raghunath temple was endowed by Raja Mohan Singh Chand in 1788. There are four temples namely Bhitla Ganesh, Gairi Ganesh, Nanda Devi Ganesh and Siddha Ganesh dedicated to Lord Ganesh. With all these temples and their continuation of the old and orthodox rites and rituals gives the name "the city of temples " to Almora.

    How to Reach Almora

    Pant Nagar airport is the nearest airport to Almora and is about 127 kilometers away from Almora. The area is easily accesible through Rail and by Road.

    Kathogadem which is about 90 kilometers away from Almora is the nearest railway station. Kathogadem is well connected to most of the cities in India, like Dehradun, Kolkatta and Lucknow, through railways and is connected directly to Delhi the capital city of India.

    Uttaranchal State Road transpot corporation has buses runnig at all times to and from Almora to almost all the cities nearby. Delhi is just 380 kilometers away from Almora, Lucknow is 466 kilometers and Dehradun about 415 kilometers.

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