Distance MBA Admissions 2021 - 2022

Are you looking for distance MBA degree from reputed universities or institutes? Check out the best Indian and foreign institutes offering distance MBA for students in India.

There are many Indian and foreign universities offering Distance MBA programs. If you are looking for 2021 - 2022 MBA admissions, read the step by step instructions provided here.

Eligibility for Distance MBA

The eligibility criteria for Distance MBA is no different from the regular MBA programs offered by various universities. The primary difference from regular MBA courses and distance education programs is, the distance MBA allows you to continue your work or other studies and do MBA in parallel without leaving your other occupation. The eligibility criteria is pretty much the same.

While the eligibility for Distance MBA may vary from university to university, the general requirements followed by most universities are:

1. Graduate degree in any discipline. Some universities give weightage for BBA students but most institutes do not consider that as a factor.

2. Age: Most Distance MBA programs are open for students of all age groups. In fact, the Distance MBA programs are primarily for people who are employed and obviously, a lot of middle-aged people apply for this program.

3. Marks for Graduate Degree: Most universities consider the marks scored for the graduate program as a major eligibility factor for their distance MBA program.

4. Entrance Test & Interview Performance: All reputed institutes conduct their own eligibility test for their Distance MBA programs. For example, Sikkim Manipal University conducts a test called "SMU-DDE Management Aptitude Test* – (SMAT)" as the eligibility test.

5. Work Experience: Some Indian universities give weightage for work experience in the field of Management. If you do not have high scores in the eligibility test or graduate exams, then work experience in management field may help you secure admission for Distance MBA program for 2021 - 2022.

Check out the official website and prospectus of the university to learn more about their specific eligibility criteria for the Distance MBA program.

Eligibility Criteria for Foreign Students to study MBA in India

If you are a foreign student and like to join the Distance MBA in India, you have 2 options:

1. Complete the MBA program through correspondence by completing the full course online, staying in your own country.

2. While you do most part of the Distance MBA through correspondence, you may need to attend certain sessions in the university study centres in India.

If your institute requires you to attend the sessions in India, you will need a student visa to enter India, unless you are a Person of India or Indian citizen. Also, you will need a clearance certificate from the Ministry of External Affairs/ Human Resource Development Ministry. Your institute will help you obtain the required clearance.

Fees structure

Fees structure vary significantly from university to university. Also, NRI students and foreign students may have to pay higher fees compared to resident Indian students.

Typical fees vary from Rs 15,000 to Rs 100,000 per semester, depending on the institute you are joining. Fees per semester for the Sikkim Manipal University Correspondence MBA program is Rs 18,250/- (inclusive of Exam Fee ₹ 3,000/-). Please note that the semester fee is subject to change every semester.

Many banks are offering education loans for MBA students. Check with your local banks and ask for details. Many banks offer up to Rs 400,000/- as education loan without much complex documentation. Your institute may have a tie-up with banks to offer loans for their students. So, when you apply for admission, check with the college if they help in arranging education loans.

Campus Placement and Job Opportunities for Distance MBA

Since the correspondence MBA programs are usually not conducted on the campuses, there are a relatively lower number of campus placements. However, there are plenty of job opportunities for students who complete the distance MBA program successfully. If you already working in a company, you can definitely expect a salary hike or promotion in your current employment. Most of the recruiters do not differentiate the candidates as regular MBA or distance MBA. You will get pretty much the same weightage as other regular MBA graduates while you attend job interviews. Irrespective of your degree, what matters the most is your management skills. Prepare well for the interview and show your skills to the interview board. You are sure to grab the job.

Which is the best university to study distance MBA

There are several universities in India offering online MBA programs. Before you choose the university for your higher education, you must consider several factors including:

1. The reputation of the university - check reviews on the internet to learn more about the reputation of the university. You can search for testimonials written by college alumni.

2. Campus Placements - Check the university website for their campus placement history. Some of the reputed universities like Indian Institute of Management have 100% placement record for almost all batches.

3. Contacts & Connections - Many MBA graduates consider the contacts and connections they got from their college as the essential recipe of their career success. Yes, in the Indian business arena, connections in the olitical and business circles is one of the key elements in the management field. Choosing the right college where students from influential families go can be a major factor for many.

There is no well-defined ranking structure in the country for ranking MBA schools. If you search in Google, you will find a plethora of "MBA schools" ranked by different criteria by different authentic and non-authentic sources. We have listed some of the reputed universities and institutes offering distance MBA programs in India. This list is not sorted in any particular order but is intended to give some tips to the prospective students on which colleges they can consider.

1. Indian Institute of Management (Multiple schools)

2. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

3. Sikkim Manipal University

4. Delhi School of Management

An MBA is your first step towards a highly successful and well-paying career.