BDS admission in Mangalore 2024 - 2025 Academic Year

Are you looking for BDS Admission in Mangalore? Check out this list of colleges that offer BDS courses and learn the admission process.

BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery is an allied course in medicine that deals with the health of your teeth. If you are looking to find the best dental colleges in Mangalore that offer the right base of knowledge in dental surgery, we will help you out with the choicest colleges that can impart the BDS course in the port city. However, before we can list out the best colleges and universities that can provide you access to the right dental surgery education, let us check out the course itself in more exquisite detail and try to understand the best features that it offers you.
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Course– Everything you need to know
BDS, as we have already understood, stands for Bachelor in Dental Surgery and is an undergraduate course on the subject. If you are desirous of becoming a dental surgeon, BDS is a prime requisite.
Dentistry has always been a popular profession and one of the prominent options for a flourishing career. It is indeed a branch of medicinal science that deals primarily with the study, diagnosis, prevention & treatment of the diseases related to your teeth and also handles oral hygiene.
The course involves four years of the course and one year of compulsory internship with any of the recognized practicing dental surgeon.
Eligibility Criteria for BDS Course
If you are looking to get an admission into the BDS in any of the colleges in Mangalore, you need to have passed the 10+2 stage in the science stream. Of course, that would be the prerequisite for any undergraduate course in science and allied streams, and that would hold true in the case of BDS as well.
The eligibility conditions will be as follows-
● You should have passed the 10+2 stage in the science stream and with Biology as one of the subjects.
● You should have gained a minimum of 45 percent of marks in the qualifying examinations
● You should also have cleared the Karnataka Entrance Test for admission to the professional courses in the state. If you are from outside Karnataka, you should have cleared the National Entrance Examination or any other recognized qualifying entrance test.
● You would also need to have excellent physical stamina & interest in Medical science. You need to submit a certificate to that effect while applying for the course admission.
Admission Procedure for BDS Course
The admission to the BDS course is carried out based on the marks scored in the qualifying 10+2 stage and entrance test. The 50 percent each of the two qualifying examinations is taken into account while offering admission to the course.
The counseling and personal interview follow the initial screening based on the marks. All the private and deemed institutes and colleges provide the admission based on the reservations and other quota limitations.
Career Prospects for BDS Graduates
Well, the prime option may perhaps be setting up your dental clinic and opt for entrepreneurship. That is precisely what most of the BDS graduates would be interested in. However, that should not mean you do not have any other options in terms of career.
As a BDS graduate, you can seek employment with the research Institutions, dental product & equipment manufacturers, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. There has been a consistent demand for BDS graduates from these institutions.
Some of the top-end companies that offer you employment opportunities can be summed up as
1) Cipla
2) Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
3) Lupin
4) Aurobindo
5) Zyduscadila
6) Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
7) Abbott India
These are just a few select names, and you can find many more options that can offer you access to better career opportunities.
With over 300 dental colleges and more than 5000 dental laboratories, India is indeed one of the flourishing markets for the dental industry. The world-class hospitals like Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, and Wockhardt can offer you an excellent option in terms of the dental industry.
Ideally speaking, there are not many options available for BDS graduates either in the private or public sector. Almost 90 percent of BDS graduates prefer practicing in their dental clinic.
What are the specializations available for BDS graduates?
Well, there are a few options you can opt for specialization in dentistry. You can even opt for MDS or Master in Dental Surgery after the completion of the BDS graduate course.
Some of the specialization options available for the BDS graduates can include
● Prosthodontics
● Oral Medicine & Radiology
● Periodontology & Oral Implantology
● Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
● Conservative, Endodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry
You can consider taking up higher studies in any of those options to get a better career prospect.
The Oral and Maxillofacial surgery can be one of the best options for the BDS graduates desirous of taking up a specialization in dentistry. They can become Maxillofacial surgeons besides practicing in their dental clinic.
Yet another good option can be checking out for a fellowship in Head and Neck oncology. This can help them get a job option in cancer hospitals.

List of colleges in Mangalore that offer BDS Under-Graduate course

Mangalore has plenty of medical and dental colleges – both private and government-aided. Some of the right options, if you are checking out the BDS course options in Mangalore, can be
  • Manipal Institute of Dental Sciences.
  • A B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences
  • Yenepoya University
  • NITTE University
  • Srinivas Institute of Dental Sciences
  • KS Hegde Medical Academy
  • A J Institute of Dental Sciences
  • Yenepoya Dental College

Well, that should be enough of the information you would need if you are considering taking up the BDS course in Mangalore.

If you have the necessary business acumen along with the excellent knowledge of dentistry, you can indeed succeed as one of the best dental surgeons in your region. That would perhaps be the right decision to help you get access to a better career where you will be your boss.

Alternatively, you can also get employed in a reputed company or pursue higher studies further.