Top 10 institutes to study BBA in Mangalore

Are you looking for BBA Admission in Mangalore? Check out this list of colleges that offer BBA courses.

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is an excellent choice for a great career. It can offer you a host of specializations. It is a versatile degree and should be one of the excellent options you would want to go with.
And when you think of Mangalore, that would add up more value to your expectation. Being able to get the best BBA education in the port city of Karnataka can be a dream come true. Mangalore, as a city, is known for the educational revolution. The town is centered around the industrial, commercial, agricultural processing, and port-related activities. This offers better scope for the specialization in different branches of BBA and hands-on experience from there.

Top 10 institutes to study BBA in Mangalore

Having understood the best options that the city of Mangalore offers you for studying BBA, let us explore a few good institutes that can be the best for your needs.

#1 Canara College

Owned and managed by the Canara High School Association, the college offers several specializations, including BBA. It started functioning from 1973 and has been imparting education in Business Management. It is a Konkani Linguistic Minority Institution and has been accredited by NAAC and affiliated to Mangalore University.

The college does not conduct the entrance examinations of any kind for admission to the institute. You can join them on a first-come, first-serve basis. It does offer you access to education and continuous learning. It is also known to help you foster your creativity levels.

#2 Karavali Group of Colleges

Yet another excellent college for taking up your studies in BBA in Mangalore, it was established in 1996. What makes it one of the exciting choices is the fact that it provides a 100 percent placement guarantee for its students.

Skill development is what the college focuses on. That should entirely be what would help you achieve the best results ever in having access to the right career break. It prepares you to face the world with confidence. That should perhaps explain why this institute attracts the students from foreign nations as well. A few of the students here come from countries like Uganda, Maldives, Dubai, Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tibet, Iran, Sudan, Tanzania, and Kuwait.

#3 Besant Women's College

You guessed it right! The college was founded by Theosophist, freedom fighter and social reformer Dr. Annie Besant. The institute shares the glory of being visited by the luminaries like Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, and C Rajagopalachari. The institute has been a pioneer in empowering women with education.

It offers you a perfect combination of academics and extracurricular activities. Of late, the institute has opened up for the other gender as well and runs courses for both boys and girls. The institute runs seven major institutes throughout Mangalore and has a special campus for the BBA students.

#4 Srinivas University

The College of Business Management and Commerce run by Srinivas University is one of the prominent ones for BBA studies in Mangalore. It provides you access to studies in several disciplines under the BBA curriculum. It is one of the best options if you are looking to study BBA in Mangalore. The institute offers you a highly conducive environment for your studies.

It offers you access to interdisciplinary training. The curriculum focuses on professional ethics and academic excellence. The courses and the curriculum offer you access to enhanced performance with hands-on training and practical experience in today's changing business scenario. It has been known to provide enhanced goals and improving professional standards.

#5 SDM College of Business Management

Located at Kodialbail, Mangalore, the SDM Institute of Management Studies was established in 1978. N fact, it gained a name for itself as the unique and dynamic professional management institutes ever. It provides you access to a conducive environment for your studies and focuses on both academics and other extracurricular activities.

The focus on holistic personality development makes it one of the best options. The infrastructure offered at the institute is one of the best in the entire region. The amenities and state-of-the-art facilities would make it an excellent option for effective and creative learning.

# 6 St Aloysius College

The college is a part of the plethora of educational institutes that range across a wide range of faculties. Established in 1880, the St. Aloysius College has a rich history spanning over a hundred years. Even after being a minority institute, it imparts education for every strata of society. Inculcating social values and concern is the key to the quality of education here at the institute.

The institute believes in linking classroom education with world-class real-life business scenarios. The focus of the institute has been to make the students ready for the industry at large. Go beyond the classroom and get ready for the best in your career ahead. The college comes with opportunities through Projects, Industrial visits, and corporate Internships.

#7 Rosario College of Management Studies

Rosario College of Management Studies is an excellent option if you are looking for the best experience in your BBA studies. The college is known for its discipline and moral respect. Strong appreciation of varied cultures and a focus on entrepreneurship skills is what would make it a great choice ever.

The college believes in developing the extracurricular and pro curricular activities ever. Social concern and social activities would be one of the strongest points that makes it the most important choice ever. The institute lets you inculcate excellent leadership qualities. It achieves this task through a constant amalgamation of the curricular syllabus and exposure to real-life scenarios.

#8 Meredian College

It is a small yet popular destination for the best in terms of education. And that is precisely what would make it one of the preferred institutes for an enhanced learning experience. The minimalistic student-teacher ratio would make it best suited for an optimum one to one attention.
It believes in making an excellent education affordable to all is what the institute believes in. That would help you make it the best option for the lesser privileged. A host of events organized for the students will help them attain all-round development. It has been considered to be the best B school in Mangalore with an experienced faculty.

#9 Shree Devi Group of Colleges

The college offers BBA courses in Aviation And Hospitality Management and Supply Chain and Logistic Management. It believes in supplying the right talent to meet the demands of the modern industry. The courses are designed to produce future leaders in the business world.

The college offers a curriculum that focuses on the abilities, skills, and motivational factors of each of the individuals. This would work towards achieving the best standards. The institute concentrates on the right channelization of the organizational goals of the growing industry demands.

#10 St. Agnes College

The institute focuses on experiential learning. This is achieved through seminars, presentations, case analysis, and project work. It is open to provide a high-end education in areas like Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation. The curriculum is focused on industry-specific requirements.
The placement offered by the BBA institute is one of the vast attractions that makes it a great option in the long run. The institute is known to have an excellent track record of placing its students in well-known industries. Some prominent names include Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Hewlett Packard, of naming just a few. The practical exposure gained by the students through the field trips is yet another massive plus points.


Those were a few luminous institutes in the realm of BBA courses in Mangalore. The city is known to be the home for the highly industrious people ever. The environment would indeed help you get the best possible exposure to the right sort of education.

Check out those institutes and find which of them meets your needs.