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Dysentery - its symptoms, causes and treatments

The reason of our body falling sick after becoming victims to numerous diseases is because at the time of eating, we do not take care whether we can digest or not whatever we are eating. Most of the diseases rear its ugly heads due to improper dietary habits and weakened up digestive system. One of such disease is dysentery. This is the disease being discussed in this present article

Dysentery or Loose motions: causes, symptoms and remedies

Dysentery, loose motions, or diarrhea is very common in all over the world, as most of the child dies due to this, not due to other ailments. Diarrhea can be identified if a patient vomits with loose motions. Bloody watery stool defined as E. coli infection or bloody diarrhea. This article is about the causes, symptoms and remedies to loose-motions or diarrhea.
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