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GATE examination – Details, studying methods and coaching classes

GATE exam is an all India entrance examination conducted by the IITs for admission for masters programs. Engineering colleges all over India use GATE exam scorecard for admission for post graduate programs. Once qualified in GATE exam, a candidate is also eligible for MHRD scholarship. This article gives all the details regarding GATE exam.

GATE 2013 application and exam schedule

Find GATE 2013 application and exam schedule. You can get GATE official website and other GATE 2013 info. Candidates who are about to apply for a job in the state government or central government services are requested to appear GATE 2013 test and exam as per scheduled date. Applicant requested to register online and get the admit card for applying job in the state government or central government services and their vacancies. Please find GATE 2013 application and online and offline exam dates and details.

How to prepare for GATE exam?

In today's world of competition, everyone wants to complete there education from reputed institutes. Completing your education through reputed and well known institute means you are ensuring great career opportunities for you. GATE is the one such exams which gives you chance to get admission in reputed institutes like IITs,IIScs and NITs. In this article I have tried to give answers to the questions like How to prepare for GATE? What books should I use for preparation of GATE? Why to appear for GATE? etc.

Fluid Mechanics study material for GATE ( Mechanical Engineering part-4)

This tutorial illustrate the type flow lines used in the analysis of fluid flow. Stream lines, streak lines( filament lines), equi-potential lines and flow nets with relevant definitions, equations and figures. This tutorial will be useful for those preparing for GATE, IIT-JEE, AIEEE and similar engineering competitive exams.

GATE Mechanical Engineering Study Material( Fluid Mechanics part 3)

This tutorial is discussing the topic 'types of fluid flow' in fluid kinematics such as streamlined, rotational, compressible, uniform, steady, subsonic etc with relevant notes and mathematical formulations. This can be used for students preparing for GATE, IIT, AIEEE and similar engineering competitive exams.

GATE Mechanical Engineering study material

This article is for those who are preparing for GATE, AIEEE, IIT exams. Covering the hot topic of surface tension which is found to be asked frequently in almost all engineering and competitive exams. Article computes the values of surface tension in liquid drop, bubble and liquid jet with simple problems.

GATE Mechanical Engineering Study Material (Fluid Mechanics 1)

This article will give you the basic concepts of fundamental terms in Fluid Mechanics. Like dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, density, specific gravity with equations and units. This will help you for building basic ideas for GATE, AIEEE and similar engineering exams.

Tips For Optimizing GATE Preparation

GATE( Graduate Aptitude of Test in Engineering) is an all India engineering aptitude examination conducted by a joint committee of all seven IITs and IISc Bangalore for the admission to various M-tech programs across the country. This article narrates what is the benefits of having a GATE and M-Tech, criteria required for GATE examination, style and pattern of GATE, tips and tricks for cracking GATE and some other interesting factors related to GATE with simple words and in a systematic way.
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