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Ten Healthy Foods for kids

Most children now a days want to eat only junk food which is not good for their health. Here are 10 nutrional food items for children which are tasty and healthy too.

What should we eat to get the five nutrients that keep our body healthy?

We feel our body right only when ii remains fit trim and attractive. But body remains like this only when our body is disease free and getting the regular supplies of nutritional elements. We get nutritional elements from the food we eat for which our diet should be balanced and full if nutrients. What are these nutritional elements and how these could be gotten from diet forms the subject of discussion through this article.

What Are The Options Of Health Foods Available At Your Home?

There are various options of health foods available at your home itself. The only necessity left is to effect some changes in your dietary habits. Through this article, this is being tried to re you as to what those options of the s available at your homes are and what their health benefits are.

The Benefits Of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil not only removes heart diseases but also reduces bad cholesterol and increases the quantity of good cholesterol. For the heart, the benefits of mustard all are almost as good as olive oil. In this article I will talk more about the benefits of mustard oil.

Diet To Keep Children Active

In this article, I am discussing How to keep your child active through proper diet. Proper diet plan can keep your kids active throughout day. So learn how to include fruits and veggies interestingly in child's diet.

Steps to be taken for better food

A nutrition campaign has to be accompanied by a more vigorous campaign for more and better food and for increasing the production of foodstuffs, particularly of protective foods. Everyone knows what they eat and how they eat, but few know what they should eat and how they should eat it. People have not only to be told what to eat and how to eat, but how to produce more and better. All this means education.

How food is wasted

In these days when food is not available in abundance and the cost is high we should take every effort to get the best and the maximum value from food. Value of food is lost by milling and polishing, excessive cooking, by cooking in open vessels, by using baking powder in the food, by throwing away the water in which rice or vegetables have been cooked, by excessive peeling and removing edible skin, and finally by the depredation of rodents and insects. Let us see how far they are wasting the food.

Side effects of eating too much salt

In this article I will explain in simple words the side effects of eating too much salt. The article is aimed at creating awareness among the people about the possible adverse effects of the common salt on health. Some tips to reduce sodium intake has also been included in the article.

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