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Sample letter format to bank for opening new saving account

Do you want to save your money in the bank? But you have no any savings account of any bank. In this article I am going to share guidelines about how to submit an application form to open new saving accounts with a format of letter to open a saving bank account .You can use this format of letter to open a new saving account in the bank and follow the steps for a better result.

Sample letter format to bank for closing the account

Do you wish to close the bank account? Closing of bank account number is very easy process. All you have to do is to submit an application to the bank for closing the account. Here is a sample letter format to be written to the concerned bank authority for closing the account.

Format of letter to inform bank to block lost or stolen debit cum ATM card

Are you in loss of your Debit cum ATM card or missed it anywhere? Confused what to do next? You should request your bank to block it immediately to prevent the misuse of your ATM card by someone else and apply for new debit card. You should inform your bank officials to take an immediate action. Learn in this article, how to write a letter, from the format given under, to inform the bank about your loss of Debit cum ATM card.

Sample letter format to request the bank manager to issue a new ATM card

Many a times it happens that we lose our ATM card somewhere or the ATM card gets damaged after prolonged usage. In that case many banks ask the customer to write a letter to the branch manager requesting for a new ATM card. You can read this article to know the sample format of this kind of letter.

A Sample letter for getting study loan from a bank

Are you a student and have been selected to an engineering college for further studies? Your father is a poor farmer. He is unable to afford the expenses of it. You want to write a letter for loan from a ban but you have no idea. You need not worry. Just read this article and write your letter in a splendid way.

Sample letter to bank to transfer account

This article is a sample letter to bank for transfer of account from one place to another. This sample letter is a request to the bank to open an account in their bank which is transferred from the previous bank.
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