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Proposed nuclear power plants in India, their capacity and drawbacks of nuclear power

In this article I shall let you know regarding purposed nuclear power plant in India, existing power plant in India with capacity, overview of the electricity, future requirement of electricity in India, drawbacks of nuclear power plants. India has shortage of the electricity. To fulfill the requirement of electricity India government is implementing new nuclear power plant in India.

Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power plants

In this article, I will explain Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power plants in detail. This article is easy to understand, clear and with all the information. Suitable for school, study and training.

About India’s strong Nuclear and Atomic Power

Hi friends this article is based on India's strong Nuclear and Atomic power. 11 May and 18th May are the two important days in our Indian History, because on this day we experimented nuclear power in Pokhran.

What would happen if Pakistan nukes India

The article deals with the possible scenarios of Pakistan nuking India and international ramifications of the event. This article has been written by the author as a student of International Relations and considering the current threatening posture of Pakistani establishments, both political and military. The main purpose of this article is to discuss various equations which play in international issues before, during and after a momentous occasion/event.
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