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How To Do Meditation

In this article I have just explain all the details regarding meditation as it is the best exercise which gives you the mental and physical fitness. And the peace of which is lacking everywhere in today's era.

Of Meditation, Yoga, Prayers And Pranayams

Meditation was never felt as essential ever before as it is being felt today. This has become a question of life and death. Formerly, people were silent from nature, were cheerful, and were healthy. Life was so slow, so filled with silence. Now the change has gone extreme. Today, let’s dwell upon meditation, prayers, yoga, etc…

Yoga for diabetic patients

This articles deals with simple yogic exercises to keep the diabetes under control. These yoga exercises help to keep the body fit and free from various diseases especially the diabetes.

Promotion of research on 'Yoga and Meditation' by the Government of India

In this article, I will share information about promotion of research on 'Yoga and Meditation' by the Government of India and call for research proposals on 'Yoga and Meditation' by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. Details about eligibility criteria, last date of submission of proposal and themes of the research projects will also be shared.
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