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Faculty of Law University of Delhi, New Delhi

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College Name: Faculty of Law University of Delhi, New Delhi
Address: Chhatra Marg (North Campus) University of Delhi
New Delhi Delhi
City: New Delhi   Colleges in New Delhi
State: Delhi   Find Colleges in Delhi
Phone Number: +91-11-27667483
Official Website:
University: University of Delhi
Other popular names: Flu

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About Faculty of Law University of Delhi

Faculty of Law, University of Delhi was set up in the year 1924, and was initially housed in the Prince's Pavilion in the Old Vice regal Lodge Grounds. Later on in 1963, the faculty of law moved to its present location at the Chhatra Marg, University of Delhi.

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Courses in Faculty of Law University of Delhi

B Tech AerospaceFull time postgraduate course in M.Sc. Zoology.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
B.E Aeronautical EngineeringFull time 4 semester course in M.Sc. Environmental Studies. Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M Tech AutomobileFull time course in B.Sc. Computer ScienceVikas Srivastava30 Apr 20121
M.Phil BiotechnologyFull time course in M.PHIL. Biotechnology.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Phil BotonyFull time course in M.PHIL. Botany.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Sc MicrobiologyIntake capacity of this course is 12.Full time 4 semester course in M.SC.(MICROBIOLOGY). Candidates applying for this course must have attained degree in B.Sc. (H) Microbiology from Delhi University or any other University recognized from Delhi University. Also candidates should have achieved minimum 60% in all subjects in undergraduate level.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20122 (Rs 2)
PhD. MicrobiologyIt is a two years course in PH.D.(Microbiology). Candidates applying for this course must have M.Sc. in Microbiology/Biotechnology/Life Science from UGC recognized University. Also students should have attained at least 58% in M.Sc. level. Only those candidate could apply who have financial support from NET or any other such source.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
ME ChemicalFull time course in B.Sc. (Hons) GeologyVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
B.A Business EconomicsIt is full time course in B.A. (Hons) Business Economics (BBE)Vikas Srivastava28 Apr 20121
M.Phil CommerceFull time course in M.PHIL. Commerce.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
Ph.D CommerceFull time course in Ph.D Commerce.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
B.E EXTCFull time course in M.Sc. Mathematics.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.C.AFull time 6 semester course in M.C.A.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Sc Computer ScienceFull time 4 semester course in M.SC.(COMPUTER SCIENCE) Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
Ph.D. Computer Science EngineeringFull time course in Ph.D Computer Science.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
B.A Economics6 semesters are held for B.A. (Hons) Economics I & IIVikas Srivastava28 Apr 20121
M.A EconomicsFull time course in M.A. EconomicsVikas Srivastava02 May 20121
B.Sc ElectronicsFull time course in B.Sc. (Hons) ElectronicsVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
M.A Environmental EconomicsFull time course in M.A. Environmental Studies duration of 4 semesters.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Sc GeologyFull time course in M.Sc. Geology.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
Bachelor of Financial & Investment AnalysisFull time course in Bachelor of Financial & Investment AnalysisVikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Sc Foods and NutritionFull time course in M.Sc. Food & Nutrition.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
B.Sc AnthropologyFull time course in B.Sc. (Hons) AnthropologyVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
B.Sc BiologyFull time course in B.Sc. (Hons) Biological SciencesVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
B.Sc Life science6 Semester programme provide education in B.Sc. Life SciencesVikas Srivastava28 Apr 20121
M.A GeographyDuration of this course is 4 years. It is full time course in M.A. GeographyVikas Srivastava02 May 20121 (Rs 1)
M.Phil ArabicFull time course in M.PHIL. Arabic.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Phil GeographyFull time 3 semester course in M.PHIL. Geography.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Phil Library and Information ScienceFull time course in M.PHIL. Library Information Science.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
M.Sc AnthropologyFull time course in M.Sc. Anthropology.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Sc BotanyFull time course in M.SC. (BOTANY). Candidates must have passed out B.Sc.(Hons) Botany or B.Sc.General/Life Sciences to join this course.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121 (Rs 1)
M.Sc ChemistryFull time course in M.Sc. Chemistry.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
Ph.D BotanyFull time course in Ph.D Botany.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
Ph.D GeographyFull time course in Ph.D Geography.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
M.Sc Genetical scienceIt is full time 4 semester course in M.SC. (GENETICS). A candidate opting for this course must have passed B.Sc. (General) or B.Sc (Hons.) or an equivalent undergraduate degree in any branch with at;east 60% in the main subjects.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20122 (Rs 1)
Ph.D GeneticsFull time course in Ph.D Genetics.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
M.A HistoryDuration of this course is 2 years. Full time course in M.A. HistoryVikas Srivastava02 May 20121 (Rs 1)
Ph.D Home scienceIt provides full time course in Ph.D Home Science.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
B Tech Industrial EngineeringFull time course in M.Sc. Physics.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
ME Industrial EngineeringFull time course in B.Sc. (Hons) ChemistryVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
Certificate course in Advanced Jewellery DesignFull time course in B.Sc. (Hons) BotanyVikas Srivastava02 May 20121
B.A. JournalismIt is course for B.A. (Hons) Hindi JournalismVikas Srivastava28 Apr 20121
B.A ArabicZakir Husain Delhi College is providing 6 semester course for B.A. (Hons) in ArabicVikas Srivastava28 Apr 20121
B.A BengaliThis course contains 6 semester. This course is for Bachelor of Arts(Hons) in BengaliVikas Srivastava28 Apr 20121
B.A EnglishIt is a full time course in B.A. (Hons) EnglishVikas Srivastava28 Apr 20121
B.A HindiFull time course in B.A. (Hons) HindiVikas Srivastava28 Apr 20121
B.A SanskritFull time course in B.A. (Hons) SanskritVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
B.A UrduFull time course in B.A. (Hons) UrduVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
BA FrenchIt is 6 semester course in B.A.(Hons) FrenchVikas Srivastava28 Apr 20121
M.A Arabic6 Semester programme related to M.A. Arabic field.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.A BengaliFull time course in M.A. Bengali.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.A EnglishFull time course in M.A. English.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.A FrenchFull time course in M.A. French.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.A HindiFull time course in M.A. HindiVikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.A LinguisticsM.A./M.Sc/M.Ed. examination or any examination with 50% marks in aggregate or B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. Honours examination with 50% marks in aggregate must be qualified to join this course. Candidates who qualify the admission process must submit their result before the office of Department. Vikas Srivastava02 May 20122 (Rs 1)
M.A PersianFull time 6 semester course in M.A.(PERSIAN).Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.A. SanskritFull time 4 semester course in M.A.(SANSKRIT).Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.A. UrduFull time course in M.A. Urdu.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Phil FrenchFull time course in M.PHIL. French.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Phil PersianFull time course in M.PHIL. Persian.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
M.Phil SanskritFull time three semester course in M.PHIL. Sanskrit Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
Ph.D ArabicFull time course in Ph.D Arabic.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
Ph.D GermanFull time course in Ph.D German.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
Ph.D Italian StudiesFull time course in Ph.D Italian.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
Ph.D PersianFull time course in Ph.D Persian.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
Ph.D SanskritFull time course in Ph.D Sanskrit.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
L.LB GeneralIt 6 semester full time course in L.LB related to law field.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
LL.MFull time course in LL.M.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
B.A Mathematics6 semester programme in B.A. (Hons) MathematicsVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
B.Sc MathematicsFull time course in B.Sc. (Hons) MathematicsVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
B.Sc. StatisticsFull time course in B.Sc. (Hons) StatisticsVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
M.A MathematicsFull time course in M.A. MathematicsVikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Phil. StatisticsFull time one year course in M.PHIL. Statistics.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
B.Sc Biomedical ScienceFull time course in B.Sc. (Hons) Biomedical ScienceVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
M.A MusicFull time course in M.A. Music.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
B.A PhilosophyFull time course in B.A. (Hons) PhilosophyVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
B.A. PsychologyFull time course in B.A. (Hons) PsychologyVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
M.A Applied PsychologyTotal intake capacity is 27.Those who want to appear for M.A. (APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY) must have qualified this undergraduate courses. 1) B.A. (Hons)Examination in Psychology and Applied Psychology. He/She should have got 55% or above in all subjects to apply for this course. 2)B.A. (Pass) / B.A. Programme Examination in Psychology. 55% marks or above in Psychology and 55% marks in aggregate should have attained by candidates to join it. 3)B.A. Courses/B.Sc. Courses and equivalent examination with 60% aggregate.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20122 (Rs 2)
M.A. PhilosophyFull time course in M.A. PhilosophyVikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.A. PsychologyIntake capacity for this course is 95Candidates who is applying for this course must have passed out B.A.(Hons.)/B.A.(Pass)/B.A. Programme Examination in Psychology from Delhi University and any other Universities which is recognized by Delhi University. Also candidate should have attained at least 55% marks or above in Psychology and 55% marks in aggregateVikas Srivastava02 May 20122 (Rs 2)
Ph.D. PsychologyFull time course in Ph.D Psychology.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
B.A GeographyFull atime course in B.A. (Hons) GeographyVikas Srivastava28 Apr 20121
B.Sc PhysicsFull time course in B.Sc. (Hons) PhysicsVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
M.A. Political ScienceFull time course in M.A. Political Science.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Phil. Political ScienceFull time course in M.PHIL. Political Science. Candidate applying for this course must have 55% marks in Post Graduation. Also they have to qualify an entrance test and followed by an Interview.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
Ph.D Political ScienceFull time one year course in Ph.D (POLITICAL SCIENCE). eligibility for this course is Masters/ M.Phil 55% in M.A. and 50% in M.Phil.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
B.A. SociologyFull time course in B.A. (Hons) SociologyVikas Srivastava29 Apr 20121
M.A. SociologyFull time 6 semester in course in M.A. SociologyVikas Srivastava02 May 20121
M.Phil SociologyFull time course in M.PHIL. SociologyVikas Srivastava02 May 20120
Certification Travel & TourismFull time course in Certificate Course in Tourism.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20121
P.G.D. Tourism ManagementFull time course in P.G. Diploma in Tourism.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
M.Phil. ZoologyFull time course in M.PHIL. Zoology.Vikas Srivastava02 May 20120
Ph.D ZoologyFull time course in Ph.D ZoologyVikas Srivastava02 May 20120

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