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M.Sc Biophysics

Endeavouring for a career in a technology field in biological sciences? Looking for postgraduate options after bachelors in biotechnology, physics, biology or biochemistry? M.Sc Biophysics is an upcoming field bringing revolutionary changes in how new drugs are discovered, formulated and delivered. Read here for course details.

Course Name: M.Sc Biophysics
Group: M.Sc
Stream: Science
Course Category: Biotechnology
Duration: 2 Years


Many of the new developments in the field of biological sciences require an interface between disciplines such as biology, physics and chemistry. It is only when we utilize the underlying principle of other disciplines that much advancements are possible in the field of medical treatment. To find a new drug formulation or to find a cure for a certain ailment, it is often necessary to bring an interface between biology and say, physics. The field of biophysics is one such interface that has been possible because of the technological advancements. It is not only biology and physics alone, but other disciplines like chemistry, medical sciences and mathematics, that too form part of the interface in bringing revolutionary changes in medical care.

Eligibility and course duration

Bachelors degree with minimum 55% marks in B.Sc Biology, Physics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics or other related fields. Admissions are through entrance exams.

Duration of this postgraduate course is 2 years.

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VS Prasanna Bharati UniversityVisha Bharati UniversityHaryana

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More about Biophysics

Much advancement in the field of treating complex diseases such as cancer has been possible because of the developments in biophysics. Even the age old thirst for slowing down ageing is also seeing some hope through the channels of biophysics. Biophysics is an interdisciplinary approach towards finding solutions in many niche areas such as DNA-protein interactions, enzymology, synthetic biology, protein folding, molecular simulations and understanding molecular structures. Biophysics takes advantages of the advancement in the field of physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer modeling in understanding the biological systems and how they work. Through techniques and methods a biophysicist analyses the physical and chemical aspects of biological molecules and organisms. Some of the techniques are UV visible Spectroscopy, X-ray Crystallography, Macrocalorimetry, Raman and so on. Being research oriented in nature, it’s not the theory alone that the course focuses, but on a variety of laboratory practicals, research projects and review of literature.

Job Prospects in Biophysics

Biophysics is very well a research oriented field. A lot of scope is there for the student to opt for a research based career in this field. This course enables them to endeavour for advanced learning and carry out research in the frontier areas of biological and medical sciences. A doctoral program in PhD is what you can join soon after finishing this course, if you are eyeing for research work in the field. A teaching job in one of the premier institutions is what you can look forward to.

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