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Master of Plan Landscape Architecture

Landscape designing, does this interests you? Are you creative with beaming ideas for designing? Then here is Course Master of Plan Landscape Architecture. Learn more about the course details, eligibility criteria, the admission procedure and the job opportunities. Know about the various colleges and universities that offer this course in India.

Course Name: Master of Plan Landscape Architecture
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General
Duration: 2 Year

Description of Master of Plan Landscape Architecture Course

The post graduate course is design based discipline. The course is intensive, challenging and highly rewarding. The program focuses on giving shape to landscape with combined elements of natural, technical and social science. Degree course trains students in innovative thinking and creativity with instruction in academic and practical knowledge. Landscape architecture consists of planning, designing of landscapes at various scales. The processes involved in landscape are creating, enhancement, maintenance and protection of places. Students are guided and trained by experts in the professional fields. The course is research based and helps aspiring students to become professionals landscape researchers. Programs develops reflective thinking abilities for conducting research studies.

Eligibility requirements for the Course

The candidates who have passed B. Architecture from a recognized university is eligible for the course. Students should attend entrance examination and interview. Admission process depends on GATE score.

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Additional Description of Master of Plan Landscape Architecture

The course is comprehensive and provides training in planning at scales ranging in varied landscapes. The landscape architecture presents meaningful and sustainable to meet human needs. Students learn research based designs with hands on experience to incorporate in the real word settings. The curriculum includes academic debates, demonstrations of design skills, thesis projects, seminars on landscape history, theory and technology. Students develop skills in design and understanding of social and economic context of the surroundings. They are exposed to design challenges in rural and urban landscapes. Course equips the students with planning, designing and executing projects for out door spaces, recreation clubs, companies, resorts, gardens activity outdoor spaces with pleasant and aesthetic quality. Focus is emphasized on restoration of historical buildings and landscapes. Students develop and acquire skills for safe and sustainable functional landscape for rural and urban settings.

Syllabus Of the Course

The subjects of study includes CAD, environment visualizing, forest ecology, site engineering, landscape ecology studio, planning designs, site planning, environment assessment, urban land planning, social life of public spaces, plants and design, design studio, metropolitan studio introduction to statistics fiscal planning, expanded horizon

Career Prospects for Successful Candidates

With the rapid changing scenario in the construction, development and urbanization the demand for the architects have profoundly increase. The students find jobs in multinational companies,project administrator, planner,landscape architect, design and planning sectors, urban planing, government and non government sectors. They can work as advisers, consultants, scholars, academicians, writers, professional critics, investigators, analysts etc.

Master of Plan Landscape Architecture Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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