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Junior Diploma in Russian

Are you interested in learning Russian and want to establish a career dealing with the language? Endeavouring for a diploma program that will help you understand the intricacies of the Russian language and thus get a job? Here in this page find the details of the course Junior Diploma in Russian.

Course Name: Junior Diploma in Russian
Stream: Journalism, Media & Communication
Course Category: Languages
Duration: 4 months


Knowing Russian has its own importance, especially when Russia is an important trading partner and ally of our country. Among many other things, India is a big importer of Russian arms, aircrafts and other military equipment. Since Russians are not very familiar with the English language, it helps in carrying out the business dealings and transactions, if you as an Indian are able to communicate with them in their language. It also helps if you have to suppose travel to Russia for studying engineering, medicine or other subjects, as almost every Russian university conducts their classes in Russian. Knowledge of Russian is very helpful in lots of industries such as tourism, defence, education, legal matters, export/import, health and others.

Eligibility and course duration

Pass in 10+2 is what is desired for enrolling for this course. Most such diploma programs last for short durations, say for 4 months.

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More about the courses

Russian language courses are of immense importance simply because Russians are not at all comfortable with English. So for every business understanding and transactions with Russian businesses there’s always a need for interpreters or translators who have a fair knowledge of Russian. Russian language is not a difficult one and you can pick up the language real fast. It’s through workshops, seminars and mutual interaction among students that you pick up the language skills in real quick time. You get to learn about the Cryllic script that has been used to obtain the Russian alphabet consisting of 33 letters. A useful course it helps in improving your employability by enhancing your various skills like reading, writing and communicating in Russian.

Job opportunities and prospects

Learning Russian language has immense employment potential. Our country has a good many economic cooperation with Russian businesses. There’s thus always a demand for Russian language specialists to work as interpreters and translators for a variety of sectors like travel, tourism, health, finance, banking, sales, marketing, advertising and so on. You will be employed by both government and private sector. There are many business consultancies, social service agencies and embassies where you can hope to get employed after undergoing this course. You can become a teacher, teaching Russian in colleges and institutes. One can also hope to get employed as a freelancer. Soon after this course, you can also undertake programs like Senior or Advanced Diploma Programs.

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