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Bachelor of Dental Hygiene (BDH)

Bachelor of Dental Hygiene

Do you want to pursue Dental Hygiene and enhance your skills in dental and oral care? Want to work in healthcare setting? Then learn more about the course BDH ( Bachelor of Dental Hygiene), eligibility requirements, admission procedure and job prospects. Know about the colleges and universities that offers this course in India.

Course Name: Bachelor of Dental Hygiene (BDH)
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General
Duration: 3years

Over view of Bachelor of Dental Hygiene Course

BDH ( Bachelor of Dental Hygiene) course prepares students for alternate clinical practice, teaching and research. The program provides scope for students for further studies and they would be trained to work with professionals from different areas. Instruction in managing and practice setting experiences are provided. Students are exposed to work with older people concerned with dental health issues. Training provides bright career prospects and equips them with administration abilities. The candidate’s can further study masters in relevant fields. Course enables students for dental hygienist career and provides evidence based practicals. The intensive course includes instruction in theoretical knowledge, clinical practice, assessments and project works.

Eligibility Criteria for the Course

The candidates who have completed diploma in dental hygiene from recognized institute/ university are eligible. The student’s can pursue the course to enhance their skills in dental care. The aspiring candidates should possess good English language skills.

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Bachelor of Dental Hygiene (BDH) - Colleges & Admission Notifications

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Additional Information Of the Course

The study involves learning concepts of social, behavioral sciences, biomedical and dental hygiene Training is imparted in clinical therapy research, health promotion, health education and administration. The course prepares students for advanced knowledge on oral health care and community service. Students learn to become professional clinicians to take up the roles in varied fields in community settings. The trained professionals become responsible for dental care services with integrated oral hygiene and patient education.

Program enables students with transferable knowledge of dental hygiene for dissemination to promote dental hygiene. It fosters oral health and diversity in patient care and health policy. Students develop skills to provide oral care for all age groups of people, identification of risk factors and formulates comprehensive care plans for oral health care. Teaching is focused to provide patients with preventative measures and therapeutic dental care, argumentative, technical writing report and public speaking.

The subject of study includes dental hygiene, head, neck anatomy, oral pathology, radiology, periodontology, scientific communication, practice management, emergency procedures, ethics of dental anatomy, dental materials, dental anatomy, health care management, radiography, community dentistry, dental hygiene, evidence based research, community planning, statistics microbiology, pharmacology, psychology, sociology.

Job opportunities for BDH students

There are ample opportunities for the qualified candidates in the health care sectors around the world. Jobs are available as dental hygienists, health educator, health advocate, dental health policy adviser, professors in institutions, hospitals, community based clinics, old age homes, dental specialty clinics, corporate health sectors, nursing homes,

Bachelor of Dental Hygiene (BDH) Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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