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M.Tech Marine Engineering Management

Do you have a B.Tech degree in marine engineering or electrical engineering? Do you want to pursue an advanced level course in marine engineering? Want to add a little bit of managerial knowledge to this marine engineering course? If yes, then enroll yourself into an M.Tech in Marine Engineering Management.

Course Name: M.Tech Marine Engineering Management
Group: M.Tech
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General


The M.Tech course is an advanced technological course that helps you gain professional knowledge over a particular subject. In this case, we are talking about marine engineering. M.Tech in marine engineering is a 2 year course. Marine engineering is the engineering science regarding the ocean and any metallic object that is can sail on the ocean. You get to learn the advanced technologies used in the architecture of the ocean vessels. You learn the maneuvering techniques of those vessels. Since this course is called marine engineering management, you also learn the managerial aspects in this course. When you are on a ship, you have a big crew to help you with all the work. So only knowing the architecture will not help. You will also have to understand the needs of your crew members and understand how to balance their needs. All these things are catered to in this course.

M.Tech Marine Engineering Management 2019 - 2020 Admissions/Application Enquiry


M.Tech Marine Engineering Management - Colleges & Admission Notifications

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AMET University, Kanathur, ChennaiAcademy of Maritime Education and TrainingTamil Nadu

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. The basic eligibility criterion of this course is that you must hold a B.Tech or B.E. degree. The specialization can be done either in marine engineering or electrical engineering or mechanical engineering or electrical and communications engineering.
  2. The marks to be obtained in total in all the semesters of the graduation should be minimum 70%.
  3. The student should pass the written entrance test based on the B.Tech syllabus, to get an admission here.
  4. If a student possesses any added certification in commerce related subjects, say, Economics, or Accountancy, then it would be beneficial for the candidate. Even though a candidate will get admission by virtue of the above three criteria, but this will be an extra advantage. This is because it is a management subject.

Job Prospects

  1. You can initially join as a trainee engineer in any shipping company. You will be guided by your senior engineers or system analysts to work on a project.
  2. Few years down the line, you would become senior engineers and will have a team under your command.
  3. You can switch your field by becoming a system analyst. Your job will be to look after the small systems running the ship.
  4. If you are not interested to work on a ship, then you can join as a manufacturing engineer or process engineer in a ship's machinery manufacturing company.
  5. You will be able to become a process manager after being 10-15 years in the manufacturing company. Your job here will be to look after the production of the architectural units of a ship.

M.Tech Marine Engineering Management Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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