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MS Neuroscience

Do you want to enhance your knowledge in neuroscience? Want to explore the areas of neuroscience and want to research? Then choose the course MS Neuroscience for your career. Learn the course details, eligibility and the job prospects. Know the list of colleges and universities that offers this course in India.

Course Name: MS Neuroscience
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General
Duration: 2 Years

Course Description of MS Neuroscience

The scientific study of the brain and the nervous system is called as neuroscience. The subject is multidisciplinary branch of biology Neuroscience deals with the study of anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, neurons and neural circuits. The neuroscience study has broadened the scope for neuroscientists and there has been tremendous increase in the number of scientists studying the nervous systems and suing techniques for imaging of sensory and motor tasks in the brain. Neuro scientists study all aspects of nervous system, its structure, function, development, workings its malfunctions, disorders and how it can e altered or changed. Nervous system includes the assemblage of thousands of neurons that are connected to one another.

Eligibility Criteria

The students who have completed degree in biological sciences from a recognized university. The students should possess keen interest in studying brain and the nervous system. Be committed to the profession and follow ethical values.

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Additional Description of MS Neuroscience

The course aims at providing strong in-depth knowledge of neuroscience and equips them for their professional career. Human brain is the most complicated and complex organ. At different levels the nervous system and the brain is studied ranging from cellular, molecular to the biological systems and cognitive levels. The program focuses on imparting knowledge in areas of neuro plasticity, synaptic transmission, homeostatic regulatory systems. Students learn about neuro-psychiatric disorders, cognitive and developmental neuroscience. The course trains students in enhancing skills in intellectual thinking abilities and creates interest in them for learning process. Neuroscientists conduct research in laboratory settings, are involved in promoting knowledge and awareness of nervous systems to the public, educators and the students.The study focuses on brain structure, nervous system its functions, thinking abilities, behavioral patterns, disorders of nervous systems. Neuroscience is a interdisciplinary subject associated with subjects chemistry, medicine, psychology, mathematics, linguistics, philosophy. The neuroscience covers various aspects of cellular, functional, evolutionary and medical aspects of nervous systems. The course prepares students for careers in neuroscience and trains them for professional growth. The program equips students with hands on experience in transferable skills in required areas. Training involves in writing manuscripts, presentation and critical thinking abilities. The study subjects includes biomedical sciences, clinical neuro-anatomy, cognitive disorders, signal transmission mechanisms, molecular biology, human factors, aging, stimulation, sensation and perception, visual performance, neuro imaging.

Job prospects

The qualified students find jobs in educational universities, research sectors, laboratories, hospitals. The job profiles includes professors, researcher, neuro scientist, neurologist,.

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