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Certification Pattern Maker (Foundry)

Training to become a foundry patternmaker? Looking for certificate courses that will train you in patternmaking? Want to learn of the minimum qualification and job prospects in this field? Learn here the details of the program Certification Patternmaker (Foundry).

Course Name: Certification Pattern Maker (Foundry)
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: Industrial
Duration: 1 Year


To many patternmaking is associated with fabrics, apparel designing and manufacturing. Like the clothing industry, patternmaking is a very important part of metal castings that is done in the foundries. It is through patternmaking that the various shapes and sizes of the castings are achieved. For casting products by using metals such as cast iron, aluminum and others, patterns are fabricated. These patterns are made up of a variety of materials such as wood, plaster of paris, polystyrene and even metals. Traditionally patterns were made primarily of wood and the patternmakers used to carve the wood to the required shape and size, but these days a variety of materials, depending upon the final product, are getting popular for patternmaking. As such, patternmaking provides a good many job opportunities in the die and mold and metal casting industry.

Eligibility and course duration

High school or class 10th pass is the minimum qualification required. The duration of the course is generally 1 year.

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More about patternmaking

Patterns are typically made to create the cavity in which molten metals are poured and the required shape is obtained. They are the replicas of the product that will be obtained after casting. Patterns are primarily used in the sand casting process. Other than wood a variety of materials are being used in patternmaking these days. Metals, plastics and polystyrene are popular materials. Patterns made of wax and plaster of paris are used were precision work is required. Wood, especially mahogany, being soft and light is still popular. It is easy work too. Skills in patternmaking are gained after years of experience in this field. The main idea of the certificate programs is to equip you with the necessary knowledge and basic skills in patternmaking. One gets to learn of the materials associated with pattern making like timber, resins, their properties and the seasoning and storing process of wood.

Job opportunities

Patternmaking is a skill that is attained after years of training and experience. It is one skill that is very much valued in the pattern shops of the foundries in the metal casting industry. Both, the ferrous and non-ferrous foundries in the casting industries require the services of patternmakers. Some of the employers in this field are steel and aluminum manufacturers, both in the private and the public sector. Government companies like SAIL, Nalco and private industries like Tata Steel, Jindal and others are the typical employers in the field.

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