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Ph.D Drama

Do you want to specialize in drama and theater? Are you a professional theater artist or a performer? You can think of studying a PhD. in Drama and thus becoming a well trained theater artist. A PhD. in Drama will help you learn the techniques of dialogue delivery and much more.

Course Name: Ph.D Drama
Stream: Engineering
Course Category: General


If you are a theater actor, then you will know that acting in a drama is a difficult task. It is a very rewarding experience at the same time. So, in order to deliver a technically good performance in a drama, you must have a sound knowledge in the different aspects of drama. This PhD. course in Drama will help you specialize in all the aspects of theater. Dialogues are an important part of a drama. This course will help you learn the techniques of dialogue delivery. You will not only learn the pronunciation techniques, but you will also be taught how to read between the lines. One important aspect of this course is applied theater. Here, you will learn about the lighting, sound and other technologies followed while staging a drama. So, this course will help you to be completely involved during the production and staging of a drama.

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. First and foremost, you must have a master's degree. The specialization of your master's course must be related to this PhD. course. Generally, students who have passed an M.A. course are allowed to study this PhD. course. This is because most of the specialization subjects under an M.A. are related to certain aspects of Drama.
  2. The students must score a minimum of 50% in their qualifying examination.
  3. All those students who fall under the previous two criteria will have to go through a personal interview. If the student is able to clear maximum questions asked in the interview, he or she will be selected for this course.

Job Prospects

  1. Since you have completed a PhD. in Drama, the best career choice would be to teach theater acting to drama students at any college. You can also join as a dialogue delivery teacher. Your job will be to teach how to correctly pronounce the words and speak articulately.
  2. You can also think of teaching drama to school students. You will be called a drama specialist. Your job will be to arrange for special workshops and training sessions for school students on theater acting.
  3. You can become a visual or performing artist for any production company. You will have to perform on stages for the production company.
  4. After 10-15 years of experience in theater, you can become a drama director. You can launch a drama either written by you or only directed by you and written by someone else. Eventually, you can think of directing movies.

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