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Ph.D Rabindra Sangeet

Do you love reciting songs written and composed by the Great Rabindranath Tagore? Are you keen to get into research and find the distinctive characteristics of Rabindra Sangeet that is so popular in West Bengal and in Bangladesh? Learn here about the PhD course in Rabindra Sangeet.

Course Name: Ph.D Rabindra Sangeet
Stream: Art & Design
Course Category: Music
Duration: 3 - 5 Years


Rabindra Sangeet also known as Tagore Songs are very popular in most parts of India and in Bangladesh. There around 2200 or more songs that was written by Tagore in Bengali. The distinctive renditions of the songs, with elements of romanticism and certain amount of ornamentation makes them quite popular with the masses even after so many years after they were first composed by Tagore. Rabindra Sangeet can be learned at many levels. Starting with the most basic courses there are graduate and postgraduate courses in Rabindra Sangeet. For those who intend to venture into the higher realms of this form of music there are PhD courses in Rabindra Sangeet which one can undertake.

Eligibility and course duration

A masters degree in Rabindra Sangeet from a recognized university with at least 50% marks in aggregate. Selections to the program are based on aptitude test and interview.

Takes around 3-5 years to complete the course.

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More about the course

The field of Rabindra Sangeet, because of its vast reservoir of songs, numbering more than 2000, provides for wide scope of research. Due to its wide popularity the songs have been translated into languages such as English and Hindi. The philosophical depth of the songs and the human emotions that each one of them touches upon don’t find any parallel in the rest of the music world. Rabindra Sangeet provides for various topics on which one can undertake research. One can touch upon the history of Rabindra Sangeet and its historical influence, especially on Bengali culture in both the Bengals. Then there are research topics on the origin of the songs. The songs are supposed to be based on the folk music of Bengal and have also been influenced by Hindustani classical music. There are also scope of research in the area of taal, ragas and rhythms that the song comprises of. Being so numerous in numbers, there’s a variety of rhythms and ragas to be found in the songs. As usual, like all PhD programs, one has to write a thesis and present it.

Prospects of PhD Rabindra Sangeet

Rabindra Sangeet being so widely popular, it provides for a reasonable opportunity to earn a living. Translations of the songs to other Indian and world languages too provides for much scope of work. A teaching career in Rabindra Sangeet is one of the best opportunities in this field.

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