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Ph.D Sculpture

Do you have a passion for sculpting beautiful masterpieces of art? Desirous of making it big as a renowned sculptor or want to carry research into the techniques and materials used by erstwhile sculptors? Here in this page find the details of the program PhD Sculpture.

Course Name: Ph.D Sculpture
Stream: Art & Design
Course Category: Fine Arts
Duration: 3 - 5 Years


Sculpting is a visual or fine art form that dates back to historical as well as pre-historical times. Not only from the times of the Kings and maharajas in India but from the times of Mohenjo-Daro and Indus Valley civilization too, archaeologists have discovered works of art that were sculpted thousands of years back. In the western world too, sculpting as an art was quite popular in ancient Greece and medieval Europe. The renaissance period saw some very famous sculptures being erected The field of sculpture today is popular field for research and most of the research topics on this visual art form are based on its historical significance.

Eligibility and course duration

Mater’s or M.Phil degree in visual art, sculpting or other related fields. entrance to the program is through written tests and interview. Written exams test your aptitude and knowledge for the course.

Duration of the course is anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

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More about the course

The PhD program is suitable for those who are passionate about sculpture, are aware of the contemporary art forms and would like to make either a professional or academic career in the field of sculpting. For carrying out research in this field a proposal for research is to be first submitted to the university authorities. The topic for original research can be selected from a vast array of fields in this area. There could be topics on techniques and technology that have been used and still being used in sculpting. The different materials that are used in sculptures such as rocks, metals, wood, ceramics and clay could be the base on which your research could be based. The history of Indian and western sculpture too is a popular research topic. Beginning with the prehistoric civilizations to the times of the Guptas, Mauryas and the Chalukyas, there is much to research upon. You also get to research on the lives and work of some very great sculptors, both contemporary and historical. The research is o be concluded by writing a thesis.

Job prospects

Sculpting provides for opportunities in numerous ways. Builders and constructors employ the services of sculptors for adorning their buildings and constructions with pieces of art. Religious places like temples and churches to utilize the services of sculptors. The education and teaching line in sculpture is one good alternative. Most in this field work as freelancers.

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