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Certification Carving (Fruit & Ice)

Are you high school pass and eager to learn the art of fruit and vegetable carving? Looking for some short time courses in this field? Learn here about the course Certification in Carving (Fruit and Ice) and the prospects this field holds.

Course Name: Certification Carving (Fruit & Ice)
Stream: Science
Course Category: Food and Beverage
Duration: 2 - 3 months


Carving on fruits, vegetables, soaps, ice and a host of other materials is an attractive and memorable way to impress diners. There are various courses, some online and a few offline that teach you the basic as well as advanced techniques that goes into carving fruits, vegetables and similar stuff. These certification courses are of varying durations, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. The courses are useful in picking up the carving skills that can be put to impress your guests, whether at home or in a restaurant. Hotels, restaurants and other dining establishments look for people with great skills in carving. For them, fruits, vegetables and ice carving is a great way to attract people and present them with a memorable experience.

Eligibility and course duration

A mere high school or class X qualification is sufficient for you to begin with this certification course. Duration of the program ranges from two to three months.

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More about the course

Vegetable, ice or fruit carving is a creative skill that can be picked up by learning and experience. The courses provide you with detailed illustrations on various types of fruits and ice carvings. There will be lessons on basic fruit and vegetable carvings that can be carved out into beautiful pieces of art in a matter of minutes. You will learn about the basic tools that go into carving out such masterpieces. Depending upon the course, you will be provided with books and videos that dish out hundreds of stunning images of carved out vegetables, fruits and ice. You will also learn of those fruits and vegetables that are very popular with carving enthusiasts and experts. The instructions also guide you in selecting the best materials for carving that can be carved out much in advance from the actual events. The tutorials help you pick up the skills real fast and in no time you can gain expertise in this profession.

Jobs and prospects

Fruit, vegetable and ice carving is very popular with carving enthusiasts. Many take it up as an art or a hobby. At the same time, it is also possible to gain a worthwhile career by carving out fruits and vegetables. Hotels, restaurants, food courts and the like are the best places to seek employment. You may even be a freelancer and have a business of your own.

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