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Ph.D Soil and Water Conservation

Ph.D Soil and Water Conservation

Do you aspire to be a scientist? Want to enroll for research studies? Then why not choose Ph.D in Soil and Water Conservation course which suits you. Learn more about the details of the course, eligibility criteria and the admission process. Know the list of colleges and universities that offers this course in India.

Course Name: Ph.D Soil and Water Conservation
Stream: Science
Course Category: Conservation
Duration: 3 Years

Course Description of Ph.D in Soil and Water Conservation

The Ph.D Soil and water Conservation is three years course. The program aims at providing highest skills and knowledge in areas of soil and water conservation. The students are trained to equip with skills for effective research teaching and managements in the concerned fields.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates who have completed their post graduation M.Sc in science subjects such as soil science, earth science, environmental studies, geology/ any other related subjects are eligible for the course. The students should have obtained their degree gram a recognized university and should have strong interest in pursuing the study in learning about environmental chemistry. They need to possess good command over English language skills in communication and be self motivated to undertake project works. Admission is based on the marks obtained in the qualifying examination, reference letters, projects works undertaken and experience in the field.

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Ph.D Soil and Water Conservation - Colleges & Admission Notifications

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Additional Description of the Course

The Course Ph.D in Soil and Water Conservation is of three years duration. The students are prepared to become experts in the field and make a career for their life. The study course covers learning the interrelationship between soil and water, soil profile, topo-sequences and water catchments. The program is based on evidence research methods. The course includes field visits, laboratory work, data collecting, analysis and treatment. Training covers workshops, seminars and scientific conferences. Students are give stipends during the course and awarded scholarship for deserving students who excel in their studies. Hands on experiences are provided for them to gain confidence and enhance their skills in analytical thinking abilities to face challenges in work settings. On completion of their course they need to promote soil and water conservation methods and create an awareness about it to the public main stream. They are trained to put in the scientific research activities in their daily lives and enable for environment conservation. Focus is laid to enforce strong knowledge in areas of soil and water management and conservation to work at the global level.

Job Prospects

The qualified scholars find ample opportunities in varied sectors. They find jobs in sectors of agriculture, research organizations, environmental conservation departments, agricultural fields, natural and wildlife sanctuaries, forest and wildlife sectors, government and private sectors. The jobs includes water and soil conservation experts, resource person, scientists, researchers, scholars, professors, academic writers, advisors for conservation sectors.

Ph.D Soil and Water Conservation Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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