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Diploma in AutoCAD and 3DS Max

Are you desirous of learning computer aided design courses that will enable you to draw structural plans? Want to get into 3D modelling and animation? Learn here the details of the course Diploma in AutoCAD and 3DS Max. Also, learn of the immense potential of such courses.

Course Name: Diploma in AutoCAD and 3DS Max
Stream: Computers & Technology
Course Category: Web Development
Duration: 4 - 6 months


With the rapid advances in computer technology and various software applications, computer aided designing processes have been rapidly replacing manual drafting and drawing. With designing software like AutoCAD, one need not to draw the structural plans manually. Instead, an automated process of this design software helps you to achieve the drawings much faster and with the least of mistakes. Changes if any can be done any time. Similarly, 3DS Max design software allows you to render 3D models and animations for any civil construction or design project. It helps you to visualize what the final product or structure may look like.

Eligibility and course duration

These courses can be taken by anyone from any background. A 10+2 qualification alone will suffice. Skills in computing and a little bit of creativity is highly desired. The courses are available in both regular and online mode.

Duration of course ranges from 4-6 months.

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Diploma in AutoCAD and 3DS Max - Colleges & Admission Notifications

Find the list of colleges offering Diploma in AutoCAD and 3DS Max course. Check out individual college websites to know more about the admission for 2019 - 2020 academic year. You may download the application form and course details from the official college website.

College NameUniversityState
Sir Vithaldas Thackersey College Of Home ScienceUniversity of MumbaiMaharashtra

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More about the course

The lessons on AutoCAD allow you to learn what AutoCAD is and for what applications it can be used. You learn of the industries and the professions that AutoCAD can be used for. AutoCAD is used by graphic designers and all kinds of engineers from civil, architecture, electrical, mechanical and so on. It helps you to give shape to any design or drawing. It becomes all the more easy to give shape to your imaginations and ideas by using the AutoCAD software. You will be learning the various commands in AutoCAD, geometric construction and dimensioning. You will be able to simulate a design and learn how it is going to perform in the real world. The first of the computer aided design software, AutoCAD is still a widely popular software with all design engineers and architects.

The lessons on 3DS Max design software on the other hand provide you with hands-on training on 3D modelling and animation techniques. Through 3D modelling you will be able to visualize and design a host of objects like windows, doors, stairs, furniture, trees, landscapes, molds and many more.

Job opportunities

Undertaking this course opens for you avenues in 3D modelling, designing and animations. You may work in engineering firms requiring the services of computer aided drafting and designing. Your work profile could be of an AutoCAD engineer, drafter, estimator, designer, illustrator or modeler. You may also work with architects and structural designers in the construction industry.

Diploma in AutoCAD and 3DS Max Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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