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M.Arch Habitat Design

Master of Architecture in Habitat Design

Are you a graduate in the field of architecture? Will like to opt for a post graduate program in one of the upcoming field in architecture? Find here the details of the program Master of Architecture in Habitat Design.

Course Name: M.Arch Habitat Design
Stream: Architecture, Building & Planning
Course Category: Architecture
Duration: 2 years


By habitat we understand the natural environment that is suitable for a particular species or organism to bloom and prosper. It is the best place to find shelter, food and security. Soil, temperature, moisture, intensity of light and availability of food is what determines the habitat for a particular organism. With factors such as increasing population, industrialization and large scale agricultural projects, habitats have been suffering intensive damage. It is thus the endeavour of this post graduate program to instill in you the skills in habitat design. Habitat design is part of development activities that help in the restoration of habitats that are generally lost while say during construction or other related works.

Eligibility and course duration

Bachelor of Architecture or other similar fields. Should have scored a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in your final exam.

The duration of the course is 2 years.

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M.Arch Habitat Design - Colleges & Admission Notifications

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B M Sreenivasaiah College of EngineeringVisvesvaraya Technological University Karnataka

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More about the course

Habitat design is often a necessary part of every development and construction activity. It is known that most development activities lie in the vicinity of human settlement. This often disturbs the habitat of the surrounding areas. With concepts such as habitat designing, the lost habitats could be restored to a certain extent. Thus the masters program in habitat designing is a worthwhile one that familiarizes you with the types of habitat and about the species and organisms that have been heavily displaced. Through this course you will learn to analyze the local conditions such as soil, moisture content, etc. You will learn to analyze in terms of cost as well as resources. In fact you get to design or redesign the landscape as per the need of the local conditions.

Among the things learned by you are studies of human habitat; theory of design; structure of habitat systems; landscape designing; ecology concepts; infrastructure planning, anthropology, real estate development and so on.

Job opportunities and prospects

Habitat designing leads you to a career in a number of areas. You could work in zoos and be a zoo habitat designer. You could work for specific species. You will be responsible for design as well as construction part of the exhibits so as to replicate the species natural environment and landscape. One may also find work in aquariums, museums, marine parks, theme parks, wildlife centres and other related areas. You may also work as a consultant in the field.

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