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B.A General Forestry

Bachelor of Arts in General Forestry

Do you like forest atmosphere? Are you interested in conservation of natural resources? Then here is a course that interests you. Learn more about the B.A Forestry Course, the admission process, eligibility criteria and the various colleges and universities offering the course in India

Course Name: B.A General Forestry
Stream: Science
Course Category: Environment
Duration: 3 Years

Introduction to Forestry

The forests are the vital watershed. They play an important role in providing various things necessary for human needs. They provide timber and wood apart from producing medicines and food products. Forests have innumerable uses; they balance oxygen content in the atmosphere and helps in regulating the atmospheric temperature. They bring rain and stabilize the climatic conditions of the surroundings, also boost economy through tourism and recreation. Forestry is the branch of science that creates, manages and conserves forests. The program prepares the students to maintain and also manage the green cover of the forests and foster its preservation. The course equips the students in understanding the multiple uses of forests, its maintenance, look into concerns of wildlife habitat, water bodies, community conservation, promote biodiversity and in prevention of natural destruction of forests by erosion, forest fires, cutting of trees etc.

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Additional information of the Course

The course is designed for students who desire to be with nature and its preservation. The course prepares students to solve issues concerning to forest environment, helps the students to gain knowledge of various aspects of physical, biological, ecological and management procedures’. The program emphasis on forest lands, flora and fauna, people inhabiting in and around the forests cover. The students build skills in widening their outlook in the forest management and its administration. The enrolled students would be studying the topics on environment, earth science, watershed management, forest protection, tree seed technology, soil structure, natural hazards, sustainable forest management, forests genetics, environment laws and its awareness, pollution, natural resources, seed technology environment biotechnology forests laws and its policies. The students have to prepare dissertation work / project work. The program also assigns field work, laboratory studies, experimentation, data analysis, and examination and viva. The forestry syllabus also helps the student to specialize in particular fields such as forest product, forest management, water shed, ecosystems, community development etc.

Candidates should have passed (10+2) with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as subjects.
They should be interested in nature study and be independent learners of the environment.

Job Prospects for qualified students
There are varied job offers for students who qualify in forestry. They find jobs as foresters, wildlife technicians, camp maintenance officers, forest technologists, forest inspectors, fibre procurement officers woodland manager, forest development officers, supervisors, timber cruisers, conservationists, ecologists, community health officers,

B.A General Forestry Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

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