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A country's economy depends a lot upon its manufacturing industries. Modern manufacturing is a complex process involving innovations in product design and bringing efficiency in the manufacturing process. Learn here about the courses in this field, which these days is more about automation and computer aided designing and manufacturing.


Today's manufacturing industries are technology driven. They require manpower who are skilled and trained in the manufacturing processes. Courses in manufacturing are vital to have educated and knowledgeable manpower capable of handling labour, machines and the manufacturing processes all at the same time. These courses empower today's youth with the required qualification and skills so as to act as catalysts in generating wealth for the country through its industries.

Course durations and eligibility

A number of courses are available ranging from six months to a year for the entry level courses. The diplomas and undergraduate degree courses last for a period of three and four years respectively. Postgraduate courses are mostly of two years duration.

For entry level courses candidates should be either 10th or 12th pass depending upon the course. Some courses are not strict about the stream. But many diploma and degree courses require you to have passed 12th in science stream.


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Manufacturing Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Manufacturing courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Manufacturing course.

  1. B.E. Manufacturing Engineering (Hons)
  2. B.Tech. Packaging Technology
  3. Certification Foundry & Forging (CFF)
  4. Certification Gas Cutter
  5. Certification Industrial Pattern Making
  6. Certification Machinist
  7. Certification Pattern Maker (Foundry)
  8. Certification Sheet Metal Worker
  9. Certification Turner
  10. Dip. Apparel Manufacturing Technology
  11. Dip. Knitwear Manufacturing & Management
  12. Diploma Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  13. Diploma Fabrication Engineering
  14. Diploma Garment Manufacturing Technology (GMT)
  15. Diploma Packing Technology
  16. Diploma Tools & Die Making
  17. M.E. Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing
  18. M.E. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  19. M.E. Manufacturing Enginnering
  20. M.E. Manufacturing Systems Management
  21. M.E. Product Design and Development
  22. M.Sc. Nanoscience
  23. M.Tech Computer Aided Manufacturing
  24. M.Tech. Advanced Manufacturing
  25. M.Tech. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  26. M.Tech. Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  27. M.Tech. Product Design and Manufacture
  28. MBA Manufacturing Management

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More about the courses

Manufacturing has a close connection with engineering and design. The field is very diverse in nature. From hand made products to manufacturing high tech products like aircrafts, it comprises everything. To make manufacturing process an efficient one, every industry incorporates a lot of technology in this field. Automation and computer aided manufacturing are the norm these days. Some such course subjects are enumerated below:
  • Manufacturing processes – It provides basic understanding of the engineering involved in manufacturing.
  • Engineering materials – Materials suitable for various applications are covered in the course.
  • Computer aided designing – Covers topics ranging on CAD/CAM
  • Quality control – Role of Quality control in improving product quality.
  • Automation and robotics – Industrial automation and its effect on manufacturing efficiency.

Some other topics covered in these courses are manufacturing systems, optimization, factory planning, production techniques, 5 sigma technique, Kaizen and continuous improvement, good manufacturing practices, lean manufacturing, Toyota production system and safety regulations. The role of information technology in manufacturing is also covered in most courses.

Employment opportunities

There's no dearth of jobs for those who are trained in the field of manufacturing. Excellent employment opportunities are available in the industry sector. Since manufacturing is synonymous with engineering, most industries, whether private or government employ professionals from this field. Jobs can be found in fields as diverse as computers to aerospace industry. Those with the spirit of entrepreneurship can even open their own manufacturing units.