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Cryogenics is a highly specialized field of physics and engineering which studies the production of materials and their behaviour at extremely low temperatures. If studying the science behind very low temperatures and its applications interests you, then enroll for one such course to become a cryogenicist.


Cryogenic courses are classified into three groups – cryonics, cryoelectronics and cryobiology. Cryonics deals with the preservation of humans and animals for possible future revival. Cryoelectronics studies superconductivity in elements and compounds at very low temperatures. Cryobiology is about preservation of organisms at very low temperatures. Being a specialised field, most of the courses are available only at the graduate level and above. There are not too many colleges offering this field of study. Only the very reputed institutes like some IITs offer cryogenics in their masters and doctoral programs. With more and more applications coming up in the field of cryogenics and superconductivity, the field is getting wider. The demand for skilled manpower trained in this field is increasing in government and in industries. Number of colleges offering these courses are also rising steadily.


Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering or engineering physics is the basic requirement. Some institutes may conduct entrance test before admission.


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Cryogenics Courses

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  1. M.E. Cryogenics Engineering

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More about cryogenics

Temperatures below minus 180 degree centigrade are regarded as cryogenic temperatures. At this temperatures, all elements including the inert gases get solidified. Liquid nitrogen and liquid helium are two liquid gases used extensively for very low temperature cooling of materials. Liquid gases have widespread use in aviation, space research and for space expeditions. Cryogenic processes are used for increasing elasticity of clothing materials, bio-medical applications like storage of vaccines and food products. In metallurgical industries, hardness of materials is increased via cryogenic cooling.


Following are the topics covered in the courses: cryogen properties, low temperature refrigeration, material properties, instrumentation, system engineering, sub-kelvin coolers, cryogenic heat transfer, classical and quantum fluids, fluid dynamics as well as vessel and transfer line designing. A sound background in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer principles is essential for understanding cryogenics.

Job opportunities

Opportunities exist in different industries and the government sector for those trained in this highly specialized field. Placements are available in critical industries like aerospace and defense research. Some of the prestigious Indian organisations recruiting cryogenic professionals are ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation) and VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre). NASA also recruits talented Indian professionals on a regular basis. Cryogenic experts can look for employment in the growing number of colleges coming up in the country and abroad. Opportunities also exist in some new fields like power generation, instrumentation and maglev travel, where superconductivity principles at cryogenic temperatures are used.