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Wondering whether to make a career in an Indian or a foreign language? Want to know the courses offered in India? On this page, you will find all the essential information you will need to decide which language course to take up and why.

Languages as a career

Languages courses are geared to build a career, which spans across all businesses but especially those which have global interactions. With more and more businesses going global, hence there has been an inherent demand for skilled people who can communicate in multiple languages. For example: very few Indian people know Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish etc. Indian businesses interact with non-English country folks and operate in that country with the help from interpreters and translators. If you like to learn new languages, are a good oral and written communicator then this is a suitable study option for you. The language courses range from learning Indian languages to foreign languages.


Languages Admission 2024 - 2025 Application Enquiry

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Languages Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Languages courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Languages course.

  1. Advanced Dip. French Language
  2. Advanced Diploma in German
  3. Advanced Diploma in Japanese
  4. Advanced Diploma in Russian
  5. B.A. Arabic
  6. B.A. Assamese
  7. B.A. Bengali
  8. B.A. Bodo
  9. B.A. English
  10. B.A. English Special
  11. B.A. French
  12. B.A. Functional English
  13. B.A. Gujarati
  14. B.A. Hindi
  15. B.A. Hons. (French)
  16. B.A. i History, Political Science, Modern Language
  17. B.A. in Hindi Functional
  18. B.A. Islamic History
  19. B.A. Kannada
  20. B.A. Malayalam
  21. B.A. Marathi
  22. B.A. Nepali
  23. B.A. Optional English
  24. B.A. Oriya
  25. B.A. Pali
  26. B.A. Persian
  27. B.A. Punjabi
  28. B.A. Sanskrit
  29. B.A. Tamil
  30. B.A. Telugu
  31. B.A. Urdu
  32. B.Ed. Gujarati
  33. B.Ed. Punjabi
  34. B.Ed. Sanskrit
  35. B.Sc. Audiology & Speech Language Pathology
  36. Cert. Mewati language
  37. Certificate Course in Arabic Language (CAL)
  38. Certificate Persian Language (CPL)
  39. Certificate Programme Functional English (Basic)
  40. Certificate Russian Language (CRUL)
  41. Certificate Spanish Language (CSL)
  42. Certificate Urdu Language (CUL)
  43. Certification English
  44. Certification French
  45. Certification German Language
  46. CTE
  47. Dip. in Spanish
  48. Diploma Communicative English
  49. Diploma Creative Writing in Hindi
  50. Diploma English
  51. Diploma English Language Teaching
  52. Diploma French
  53. Diploma German Language
  54. Diploma Hindi
  55. Diploma Hindi Functional
  56. Diploma in Japanese Languauge
  57. Diploma Junior Diploma in Modern Arabic
  58. Diploma Junior Diploma in Persian
  59. Diploma Kannada
  60. Diploma Literature in Modern European Languages
  61. Diploma Natural Language Processing
  62. Diploma Russian
  63. Diploma Russian Language
  64. Diploma Teaching German as a Foreign Language
  65. Diploma Urdu
  66. Japanese Language Certification
  67. Junior Diploma in French
  68. Junior Diploma in Russian
  69. M.A Communicative English
  70. M.A. Arabic
  71. M.A. Assamese
  72. M.A. Bengali
  73. M.A. English
  74. M.A. English & Comparative literature
  75. M.A. French
  76. M.A. Gujarati
  77. M.A. Hindi
  78. M.A. Hons. (French)
  79. M.A. in Telugu & Comparative literature
  80. M.A. Job Oriented Functional Hindi
  81. M.A. Kannada
  82. M.A. Kannada & Janapad
  83. M.A. Linguistics
  84. M.A. Malayalam
  85. M.A. Marathi
  86. M.A. Mewati
  87. M.A. Odia
  88. M.A. Persian
  89. M.A. Punjabi
  90. M.A. Sanskrit
  91. M.A. Sanskrit Linguistics
  92. M.A. Tamil
  93. M.A. Telugu
  94. M.A. Translation
  95. M.A. Urdu
  96. M.Phil. Computational Linguistics
  97. M.Phil. French
  98. M.Phil. Hindi
  99. M.Phil. Kannada
  100. M.Phil. Malayalam
  101. M.Phil. Marathi
  102. M.Phil. Odia
  103. M.Phil. Persian
  104. M.Phil. Sanskrit
  105. M.Phil. Tamil Literature
  106. M.Phil. Tamil Studies
  107. M.Phil. Telugu
  108. M.Phil. Urdu
  109. Master of Arts - English (MEG)
  110. Master of Arts - Hindi (MHD)
  111. MS French
  112. MS Greek
  113. MS Spanish
  114. P.G.D. English Literature
  115. P.G.D. Natural Language Processing
  116. P.U.C. English
  117. Ph.D. Arabic
  118. Ph.D. Assamese
  119. Ph.D. English
  120. Ph.D. French
  121. Ph.D. German
  122. Ph.D. Greek
  123. Ph.D. Gujarati
  124. Ph.D. Hindi
  125. Ph.D. Italian Studies
  126. Ph.D. Kannada
  127. Ph.D. Latin
  128. Ph.D. Malayalam
  129. Ph.D. Marathi
  130. Ph.D. Odia
  131. Ph.D. Persian
  132. Ph.D. Sanskrit
  133. Ph.D. Spanish
  134. Ph.D. Tamil
  135. Ph.D. Telugu
  136. Ph.D. Urdu
  137. Post Graduate Diploma Applied Linguistics
  138. Post Graduate Diploma English Language Teaching
  139. Post Graduate Diploma French
  140. Post Graduate Diploma Functional Hindi & Translation
  141. Post Graduate Diploma in German
  142. Post Graduate Diploma in Russian
  143. Post Graduate Diploma Translation (PGDT)
  144. Post Graduate Diploma Urdu Paleography
  145. Senior Diploma in French
  146. Senior Diploma in German
  147. Senior Diploma in Russian

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Courses for Languages

Universities, affiliated colleges and private institutes offer PhD, PG, UG, diploma and certificate courses in various languages. Courses in Indian languages include Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Malyalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Sanskrit, Urdu, Telegu etc. Courses in foreign languages include, German, Japanese, Arabic, English, French, Nepali, Oriya, Pali, Persian, Spanish etc. The course curriculum is focused on reading, writing, listening and speaking new languages, analyzing, interpreting and conveying information correctly. Courses are taught using practical assignments, discussions, panel discussions, presentation and enable the candidates to develop opinions and ideas, express themselves and analyse given text.

Advantage of learning different languages

A language graduate develops a global outlook and becomes sensitive to cultural differences. What job roles are offered after the language course? Once a candidate completes a Language course one of the direct career options is self-employment as a translator or interpreter, curator, bilingual secretary, broadcast journalist, international development worker, tour manager, sales executive, patent examiner, logistics and distribution manager, operations officer in diplomatic services etc. The other career option is to work for companies who trade internationally with non-native language countries. These companies could belong to business, media, museums, libraries, public administration, diplomatic services, engineering, tourism, transport and logistics. In today's context if you love to communicate and are good at articulating then go ahead and choose Language courses as a career option.