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Wondering how to make a career in pottery? Is pottery your hobby? Do you want to make a living out of pottery? Do you want to pursue certification course in pottery? Then here in this page, you will learn all about pottery. Usually, the pottery course is available via certification course.


By pursuing Pottery certification course, the students will learn to create wonders with clay. From time immemorial, human civilization was into pottery making. The first form of human civilization of early man are recorded through various potteries which you can find still intact and are regarded precious fossils today. You can find different forms of pottery made by using clay. Such is the beauty and historical value of this ancient art form.

This intensive one year program provided an end to end understanding and practical knowledge of pottery right at the inception level. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the knowledge to start their own production unit to take up pottery as their career. Besides this, there are also other certification courses for students who wish to learn pottery skills in short duration. The course increase their pottery technique and intensity as they progress. They have the flexibility to learn at their own pace.


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Some more information

Before opting for any pottery certification course, students have to first complete the Introductory Course, Level I – First Time Potter which introduces them to the basics of pottery art and does not award a certificate. Progressing from there, all other levels award a certificate to the students on successful completion of the course.

The course includes both theoretical and practical lessons. At the end of the course, the students are required to submit a final project. They would be graded on their work and upon satisfactory performance; certificates will be awarded to them.

Career scope

Certification program in pottery is designed to provide students the practical knowledge and confidence to successfully establish and run their own production firm or studio catering to various industries such as interior decorators, modern construction, architectural firms, home décor, innovative gifting solutions, crockery and cutlery firms and much more. The additional skills of ceramic provide the students a fantastic opportunity to become pottery artists with the ability to develop their own distinct style in their work and successfully quick start their business in pottery. It is becoming the top choice for interior décor used in corporate offices, art galleries and in other high profile locations. As the field is still in its beginning, it is an undiscovered territory offering ripe opportunities for skilled and qualified potters to make their mark in industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself in Pottery course today, to kick start your career in the field of pottery!