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Are you concerned about human and community health? Do you wish to incorporate healthy food eating habits in people? Do you want to become a nutritionist or a dietician and want to make your career in this field? Then, you should pursue a course in Nutrition and Dietetics. Below is a list of Nutrition course to choose from.

Eligibility Criteria

Students who are interested to opt for Nutrition course can pursue it either as an undergraduate level, graduate level, and post graduate level or in diploma level. The eligibility criteria and duration is different for all the levels and the students should check below mentioned Nutrition course details to find about eligibility criteria, course duration and other details before enrolling for the program.

Course Overview

In this course, students study the papers related to Nutrition that are written by experts in this field. The course comprises of clinical research, comprehensive reviews, case observations and other types of paper. In this course, the students learns how nutrition helps in the strengthening of the immune system and work towards disease prevention. Due to changing lifestyle of a majority of the population, Nutrition and dietetics course is becoming more in demand. Below is a list of Nutrition courses which you can opt for.


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Nutrition Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Nutrition courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Nutrition course.

  1. B.Sc Home Science (Clinical Nutrition Dietetics)
  2. B.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
  3. B.Sc. Nutrition
  4. B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics
  5. Certification Food and Nutrition (CFN)
  6. Certification Nutrition and Child Care (CNCC)
  7. Diploma Food & Nutrition
  8. DNHE
  9. M.Sc. Animal Nutrition
  10. M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition
  11. M.Sc. Home Science - Food Service Management
  12. PG Dip. Dairy Technology
  13. Ph.D. Sports Nutrition
  14. Post Graduate Diploma Sports and Exercise Medicine

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Some more information

People these days are more accustomed to comfortable living and are thus lazy about doing exercises to keep themselves healthy. As such, the only alternative left with them to keep oneself healthy is getting proper nutrition and following a balanced diet. With increasing consciousness about health and fitness among the general population, nutritionists and dieticians are in demand these days. Individuals and organizations alike are ready to afford them. These days, people are becoming more conscious about their health and taking the help of dieticians to advice on their diet. All this has resulted in new opportunities for nutritionists and dieticians.

Job opportunities

Nutritionists and dieticians can get into diverse fields. They have opportunities in hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, research centers, government jobs and also in international agencies. As a dietician, the candidates can work in hospitals, health centre's, gymnasiums, sports clubs and private clinics, administering or preparing a diet chart for patients, etc. Nutritionists are also involved in various developmental projects being launched by the government.

Perks / Salary

Nutrition and dietetics is a remunerative job. Candidates working in government hospitals, academic institutions, research institutes have fixed salaries as fixed by the government depending upon their work profile and experience. Some private sectors like health clinics, big corporate houses, restaurants, hotels, food manufacturers offer attractive perks and higher salary. Private consultants and independent practitioners also have good earning potential.