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Are you interested to carry out research in the field of pharmaceuticals? Do you want to know how chemical reactions take place in our cells and tissues? In case you have such aspirations, then Biochemistry is definitely the right choice for you. Get here the details about the course.


Studying Biochemistry you come to know about the chemical reactions taking place between molecules in biological systems. It is concerned with the chemical reactions and combinations related to the biological processes in living organisms. It involves studying the biological systems at the cellular and molecular level. The study of biochemistry helps you to understand the life may have evolved. Through Biochemistry, one comes to understand the basic functioning of our body cells, tissues, molecules and even whole organisms. Because of rapid growth in technology in medical science, Biochemistry is gaining importance and more students are opting for this field. The advances that we find in pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, forensics, nutrition and agriculture are all as a result of ongoing research at the molecular level. This program aims to produce biochemists who will either find employment in the various fields of life sciences or will get involved in further research in this field.


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Biochemistry Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Biochemistry courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Biochemistry course.

  1. B.Sc. Applied MicroBiology
  2. B.Sc. Biochemistry
  3. B.Sc. Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemistry
  4. B.Sc. Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry
  5. M.Phil. Biochemistry
  6. M.Sc. Biochemistry
  7. M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry
  8. M.Sc. Plant Biology and Plant Biotech
  9. MS Biochemistry
  10. Ph.D. Biochemistry

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More information about Biochemistry

In Biochemistry, theory, practical, seminars and project work form part of the course curriculum. For the project work, the students have to submit written reports in the last semester. During this course, students visit national or internationally reputed research institutes in the field of biotechnology. Some of the core subjects in this field are cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, biostatistics, immunology, genetic engineering, plant, animal and environmental biotechnology. Much of it deals with understanding how the molecular processes takes place within the living cells and improves upon our understanding of tissues, organs and every living organisms.

Career opportunities

With Biochemistry, you are most likely to be in a research based career. It's an upcoming field that has a huge future potential. You will be finding research oriented work in pharmaceutical companies. Biochemists also get opportunity to work in laboratories, hospitals and clinics. Biochemistry has applications in healthcare, medicine, nutrition, agriculture, pest control, environment protection, cosmetics and forensic science. They can also go for research in this field at the doctoral level. Other than these, one can find employment in a range of industries such as food, agriculture, aquaculture, environment, bioengineering or anything that has got something to do with life-sciences and biotechnology. With more investment coming up for research in this field from the government as well as the private sector, the country is sure to play a key role as a global player in biochemistry.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself in Biochemistry course, to kick start your career in the field of Biochemistry!