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Are you interested in starting a career in ceramics and its numerous applications? Then, a course in Ceramics will help you. Ceramics Technology is a very enterprising course that deals with the study, properties, design, manufacturing and uses of ceramics in the modern world. Get to know about various details here.


Ceramic has an important place in our lives. It has so many applications like electronic equipments, utensil making, electrical resistive instruments and in decoration. Through this course, the candidates are trained in manufacturing of ceramics. They learn about different grades, qualities and their respective applications. Ceramics is used for manufacturing a variety of objects, both for domestic as well as industrial purposes. You learn about the structure, composition and properties of such ceramic materials. Ceramic technologists plan and develop processing systems concerned with the production of the ceramics. The plants and machineries are designed in such a manner so that they are apt for the production process of ceramics. Among other things, the course curriculum teaches you the various processing steps in the manufacture of ceramics, which are milling, batching, mixing, forming, drying, sintering and final assembly. Some examples of ceramics are glass, porcelain, electrical insulators, refractors, enamels, cement, composite materials, etc.


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Ceramics Courses

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  1. B.Tech. Ceramic Technology

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Some more information about Ceramics course

Ceramic materials are used in a variety of fields. They have applications in electrical, materials engineering, chemical and mechanical engineering. Ceramics are suitable for a variety of applications because of their properties of heat and electrical resistivity, where ordinary metals and polymers are unsuitable. They are used in a variety of industries like electrical transmission & distribution, aerospace, mining, oil refineries, utensil industry, chemical industry and electronics.

Job prospects

  • They can get employment in construction industry.
  • They can find work in glass making industry.
  • They can work in research and development, specially in the areas of ceramic technology. New glass materials are constantly being developed for use in construction, automobiles, etc.
  • They can work as a material engineer. In many projects, where a lot of construction grade glass is used, candidates may be employed as a specialist ceramics engineer.
  • Ceramic Engineering graduates can work in the units involved in manufacturing various ceramic wares in the private sector.
  • They can also start their own business and become an entrepreneur.
  • Ceramic designers use clay and sand for basic ceramic materials while the ceramic technologists use materials that are manufactured by complex chemical process.
  • Candidates can also work in sales for understanding customer needs.
  • Candidates can also work in testing of ceramics and cement.
  • They also have option to join interior decorative firms or companies engaged in the field of manufacturing of decorative items made with the help of using ceramics.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself in Ceramics course, to kick start your career in the field of Ceramics!