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Are you thinking to make your career in farming and in agriculture industry? Agriculture is one of the booming sectors in India and there are many courses on agriculture that aspiring students can pursue upon. There are many colleges, universities and institutions in India, where students can take admission.

Undergraduate agricultural programs help the students to develop skills that are necessary for farming. Agricultural courses can include internships, which help them further to enhance their skills in farming. These programs also focus on the biological sciences. Careers in agricultural scientist require a more specialized type of training and that is usually found in agricultural graduate level programs. Agricultural courses focus on original research work and also include laboratory work.


Agriculture Admission 2024 - 2025 Application Enquiry

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Agriculture Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Agriculture courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Agriculture course.

  1. B.E. Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering
  2. B.E. Agricultural Engineering
  3. B.E. Water Resource Engineering
  4. B.Sc. Agricultural Marketing
  5. B.Sc. Aqua culture
  6. B.Sc. Farm Science & Rural Development
  7. B.Sc. Horticulture
  8. B.Sc. Sericulture
  9. B.Tech Agricultural Engineering
  10. B.Tech. Agricultural Information Technology
  11. B.Tech. Food Science
  12. Certification Horticulture Assistant
  13. Certification Integrated Pest Management Technolog
  14. Certification Mushroom Culture
  15. Certification Organic Farming
  16. Certification Poultry Farming
  17. Certification Sericulture
  18. Diploma Agri Business Management
  19. Diploma Agriculture Technology
  20. Diploma Biopesticides Tech & Biofertilizer Tech
  21. Diploma Commercial Floriculture
  22. Diploma Floriculture and Landscape Gardening
  23. Diploma Fruit Production
  24. Diploma in Seed Production Technology
  25. M.E. Farm Machinery & Power Engineering
  26. M.Sc. (Agri) Hort(Floriculture & Land Scaping)
  27. M.Sc. (Agriculture) Entomology
  28. M.Sc. (Agriculture) Genetics & Plant Breeding
  29. M.Sc. (Agriculture) Horticulture (Vegetable Sc.)
  30. M.Sc. (Agriculture) Plant Protection
  31. M.Sc. (Agriculture) Seed Science & Technology
  32. M.Sc. Agri. Hort. Fruit Prod. &Post Harvest&Tech
  33. M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
  34. M.Sc. Agricultural Extension
  35. M.Sc. Agricultural Statistics
  36. M.Sc. Agriculture
  37. M.Sc. Agriculture (Crop Physiology)
  38. M.Sc. Agro-forestry
  39. M.Sc. Agronomy
  40. M.Sc. Animal Husbandry
  41. M.Sc. Aquaculture
  42. M.Sc. ICT in Agriculture and Rural Development
  43. M.Sc. Plant Pathology
  44. M.Sc. Sericulture
  45. M.Sc. Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry
  46. M.Tech. Agricultural Eng Farm Machinery&Power Engg
  47. M.Tech. Agricultural Eng Process & Food Eng
  48. M.Tech. Food Technology
  49. Ph.D. Farm Machinery and Power Engineering
  50. Ph.D. Irrigation & Water Management
  51. Ph.D. Agriculture
  52. Ph.D. in Forestry
  53. Ph.D. Sericulture
  54. Post Graduate Diploma Agricultural Water Management
  55. Post Graduate Diploma Plantation Management
  56. Post-Graduate Certificate Agriculture Policy

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The economy of our country is primarily based on agriculture and to improve the economic condition of our country, the Indian Government is promoting the students to pursue agriculture education. The education, training system and research in the field of agriculture in our country is recognized internationally. After completion of agriculture course, students can get a job in farming, agricultural marketing, dairy farming, technology, food science and other such disciplines.
In agricultural programs, the students can find some of the following core courses.

Natural Resources

Topics that are covered in a natural resource include wildlife, soil and forestry. Students learn about power sources such as combustion engines and electric motors as well as Government programs and regulations relating to natural resources. The effects of the power sources on agriculture are also addressed in this course.

Basic Horticulture

In this course, a student study about gardening, plants and natural growth of plants. The students learn skills in controlling the plant's development and growth. Topics that a student may learn include plant production, regulation of plant growth, storage processes and pruning.

Animal Science

In this course, students focuses on specific animals such as cows, horses and other farm animals. Students learn about the development in animals. Specific topics in animal products, animal breeding and animal feeding are also covered. In animal science course, students learn about the history of specific animals, animal breeding animal feeding and current trends in animal rearing.

Soil and Pesticides

To understand the chemical makeup of the soil and the effects that the elements may have on crop growth, students learn about soil and pesticides. In this course, students learn about conservation of soil and water, use of fertilizer and formation of soil. This course is delivered through lectures and in laboratory so that the students may apply it in real life scenarios. Students also learn about the different types of soil and also state specific soil where the agriculture program is taught.