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Do you want to care for the ill and disabled? Do you want to enter into a noble profession? Do you want to make your career in the stream of Nursing? Nursing is one such course that enhances your skills and expertise in this field. Here, you will get detailed information regarding Nursing as a profession.


Although, Nursing is basically a women's profession, but a small number of courses are open to male candidates as well at the lower level. Basically, taking care of sick people comes under nursing. Providing assistance to mother during labour as well as pregnancy also comes under this course. It focuses on enhancing the competencies of students on many counts, like educational, clinical and managerial.

Eligibility Criteria for Nursing Courses

Nursing is one of the noble professions. There are undergraduate, post graduate or diploma levels course in Nursing. The eligibility criterion of each level is also different from one another. The other requirement to become a nurse is that the candidates should either be unmarried, divorced widow or legally separated. If you have made up your mind to pursue a career in Nursing, then you must check from the below course links about eligibility criteria, course duration and other details.


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Nursing Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Nursing courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Nursing course.

  1. A.N.M / M.P.H.W
  2. B.Sc (Hon) Nursing
  3. B.Sc Nursing (Post certificate)
  4. B.Sc. Nursing
  5. Bachelor - GNM
  7. Certificate in Hospital Nursing and Midwifery
  8. Certification Radiology Assistant
  9. Diploma in Endoscopy Technology
  10. Diploma Critical Care Nursing
  11. Diploma General Nursing and Midwifery (G.N.M)
  12. Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery
  13. Diploma in Hospital Nursing and Midwifery
  14. Diploma Nursing
  15. Diploma Psychiatric Nursing
  16. M.Sc Medical Surgical Nursing
  17. M.Sc Nursing
  18. Master in MSN Clinical Nurse specialist
  19. P.B.B.Sc Nursing
  20. Ph.D Nursing
  21. Ph.D. Nursing
  22. Post Basic B.Sc Nursing

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Some more information regarding Nursing

The objective of the course is to demonstrate competency in the skills and knowledge in providing comprehensive nursing care based on problem solving approach in the hospital. A lot of sectors require the services of nursing graduates since it involves nursing of the wounded or ill. Among other things, the program makes you understand about the spread of diseases, treating illnesses, ethical conduct, clinical procedures and timely decision making, on matters of life and death for patients. As Nursing is in great demand, so this profession is only expected to increase in the near future. In India, many colleges offer the Nursing course as a branch of medicine.

Who should opt for Nursing courses

Those whose motto is to serve the mankind and society by caring and treating patients, should opt for this course. As a nurse, a person makes huge difference in the lives of people. A compassionate and caring nurse is considered to be the angel by the patients. This can be very satisfying and gratifying career for the concerned individual.

Career Opportunities after Nursing Courses

Due to the growth of healthcare facilities day by day, the demand for qualified and skilled nurses is continuously growing. Apart from jobs in hospitals, old age homes, clinics, nursing homes, orphanages, etc. there is also the scope of private practice. The demand for nursing teachers is also on the rise and due to which the expansion of training and educational institutions is also happening. Candidates who are genuinely interested to care for the ill and disabled; they will find this profession more satisfactory and rewarding.