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The 21st century belongs to the world of computers. And if you are someone who likes to dabble with computers all the time, then a career in computer is just the right choice for you. Read on to know the various courses which are available in this booming field.


The information technology sector is one industry which is seeing the fastest growth in recent times. Every now and then, new IT based establishments are coming up to cater for the vast demand for their services. Every industry and every office is getting automated these days and with that the demand for IT professionals is rising exponentially. A plethora of courses are being launched by colleges and institutes to cater for the huge demand for them by the present generation of students.


A host of computer courses are available for you to join at all levels from the beginners to the most advanced. To begin with, you can either join a diploma or an undergraduate course after 12th. If you have already undergone a computer application or engineering course in your undergraduate level, then you can opt for a master degree in the same field. A science background is must for most courses.


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Computer Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Computer courses for 2022 - 2023 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Computer course.

  1. A.M.I.E.T.E Computer Science & Engineering
  2. Advanced Diploma in Computer Application (A.D.C.A.
  3. Advanced Diploma in Software Systems
  4. Advanced Level Course In Computer Science
  5. B.A. Computer Application
  6. B.A. Computer Science
  7. B.C.A.
  8. B.C.A. Computer Application
  9. B.Com Computer Applications
  10. B.Com Computer in Business Operation
  11. B.E Computer Science and Engineering
  12. B.E. Computer Engineering
  13. B.E. Bioinformatics
  14. B.E. Computer Engineering
  15. B.E. Computer Science
  16. B.E. Computer Science and Engineering
  17. B.E. Computer Science and Information Technology
  18. B.Sc (Honors) Computing Science
  19. B.Sc Computer Science (Honours)
  20. B.Sc Computer Technology
  21. B.Sc Software Engineering
  22. B.Sc. Biotech, Bioinformatics, Computer Science
  23. B.Sc. Electronic Technology & Computers
  24. B.Sc. Embedded Systems
  25. B.Sc. Mobile Application Development
  26. B.Sc. Physical Sciences (Computers)
  27. B.Sc. Physical Sciences (Electronics)
  28. B.Sc.PMCS
  29. B.Tech AI & Data Science
  30. B.Tech Computer Science & Information Technology
  31. B.Tech Data Science
  32. B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering
  33. B.Tech. Computer Engineering
  34. B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering
  35. B.Tech. Computer Science and Systems Engineering
  36. B.Tech. Cyber Security
  37. B.Tech. Electronics and Computer Engineering (ECM)
  38. B.Tech. Electronics and computers
  39. B.Tech. Mathematics and Computing
  40. Bachelor of Computer Application (B Level)
  41. Bachelor of Computer Science (B Level)
  42. C and C++ Certification
  43. CAD Matrix
  44. Certification Certificate Program in Embedded Systems
  45. Certification Computer Aided Textile Design
  46. Certification Computer Application in Fashion Industry (CAFI)
  47. Certification Computer Applications (CCA)
  48. Certification Computer Engineering
  49. Certification Computer Operator & Programming Asst
  50. Certification Computer Science
  51. Certification Computer Science & IT
  52. Certification Computer Technology
  53. Certification Computing (CIC)
  54. Certification in CAPM
  55. Certification MS-CIT
  56. Certification MS-Office
  57. Certification Oracle
  58. Dip. in Advanced Computer Arts
  59. Diploma Computer Application & Business Management
  60. Diploma Computer Applications
  61. Diploma Computer in Office Mgt
  62. Diploma Computer Management (DCM)
  63. Diploma Computer Programming
  64. Diploma Computer Science and Technology
  65. Diploma Computer Technology
  66. Diploma Data Entry Techniques & Office Automation
  67. Diploma in 2D & 3D Animation
  68. Diploma in AutoCAD and 3DS Max
  69. Diploma Information Sciences
  70. Diploma Library Automation & Networking
  71. Diploma Office Automation
  72. Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (GDCA)
  73. Integrated MCA
  74. M.A. Quantitative Analysis & Computer Applications
  75. M.C.A
  76. M.Com CA
  77. M.E. Computer Science and Engineering
  78. M.E. Computer Aided Design
  79. M.E. Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing
  80. M.E. Computer and Communication Engineering
  81. M.E. Computer Engineering
  82. M.E. Computer Science
  83. M.E. Computer Science and Engineering
  84. M.E. Internet Science and Engineering
  85. M.E. Software Engineering
  86. M.Phil. Computer Science
  87. M.Sc Computer Science
  88. M.Sc Data Mining & Warehousing
  89. M.Sc Hardware & Networking
  90. M.Sc. Embedded Systems
  91. M.Sc. Mathematics & Computing
  92. M.Tech Artificial Intelligence
  93. M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering
  94. M.Tech. Computer and Information Science
  95. M.Tech. Computer Application
  96. M.Tech. Computer Engineering
  97. M.Tech. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  98. M.Tech. Computer Network Engineering
  99. M.Tech. Computer Networks & Information Security
  100. M.Tech. Computer Sc. & Eng.- Information Security
  101. M.Tech. Computer Science
  102. M.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering
  103. M.Tech. Computer Science & Technology
  104. M.Tech. Computer Science and Communication Engg.
  105. M.Tech. Data Mining
  106. M.Tech. Network Security
  107. M.Tech. Software Engineering
  108. Master of Computer Management (M.C.M)
  109. Master of Computer Science
  110. MS Embedded Systems
  111. MS Software Engineering
  112. PG Diploma Advanced Networking
  113. PG Diploma System Software Development
  114. PGD Wireless Mobile Computing
  115. PGDCA
  116. Ph.D. Computer Science
  117. Ph.D. Computer Science Engineering
  118. Ph.D. Data Mining
  119. Ph.D. Network Security
  120. Ph.D. Networking
  121. Ph.D. VLSI Design
  122. Post Graduate Certificate Cyber Law (PGCCL)
  123. Post Graduate Certificate in Data Science (PGCDS)
  124. Post Graduate Diploma Advanced Computing
  125. Post Graduate Diploma Data Science
  126. Post Graduate Diploma Software Marketing
  127. Postgraduate Diploma Computer Science & Management

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More about the courses

The information technology sector is one such industry, where demand for professionals is not likely to ebb in the foreseeable future. With everything in this world getting computerized, the demand is expected to rise further. No wonder in every top engineering college, the seats in the computer engineering and information technology branch gets filled first. These courses are the first choice for most students, including the brightest.

A student with a diploma or degree in computers can get into various fields. Three such fields are:

  1. Computer engineering - Concepts on electrical and electronic circuitry, hardware and software design & development.

  2. Computer science – These courses cover programming languages, computer applications, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

  3. Information technology – Combines the application of computers along with telecommunication equipment for data transfer.

Course durations

Most diploma and advance diploma courses range from 1 year to 2 years. Undergraduate degree courses range from 3 years to 4 years, whereas most postgraduate courses are of 2 years duration.

Job opportunities

The prospects of job in this field are so numerous that it will not be possible to enumerate them all here. Almost every job today requires some kind of computer skills. Jobs are available depending upon the course undergone. Some of the high end jobs available in this field are:

  1. System analyst

  2. System administrator

  3. Systems developer

  4. Data analyst

  5. Multimedia programmer

  6. Software developer

  7. Information systems manager

  8. Computer programmer

  9. Security administrator