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Interested in becoming an instrumentation engineer? Wondering about the courses available in this domain? On this page, you will find all the essential information required to choose this domain as a career. Look out for brief overview about the courses and job opportunities in this domain here.

The domain of instrumentation engineering is the art and science of measurement and control of process variables in automated systems used in production, laboratory or manufacturing area. If a candidate opts for a career in instrumentation then there are employment opportunities in in chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, electrical power plants, petroleum and oil refineries, oil and gas pipeline companies. With the advancements in new technologies and growth of global business, there are ample job opportunities in instrumentation and control engineering and automation. If you like electronics and automation, then this is an interesting career for you.


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Instrumentation Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Instrumentation courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Instrumentation course.

  1. B.E. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  2. B.E. Instrumentation
  3. B.E. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  4. B.E. Instrumentation Technology
  5. B.Tech. Applied Electronics and Instrumentation
  6. B.Tech. Electronic Instrumentation & Control Eng
  7. B.Tech. Electronics and Instrumentation Eng
  8. B.Tech. Instrumentation
  9. B.Tech. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  10. Certification Instrument Mechanic
  11. Diploma Instrument Technology
  12. Diploma Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  13. M.Phil. Instrumentation
  14. M.Phil. Scientific Instrumentation
  15. M.Sc Applied Ergonomy (M.H.Sc)
  16. M.Tech. Applied Electronics and Instrumentation
  17. M.Tech. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  18. M.Tech. Process Control and Instrumentation
  19. Ph.D. Instrumentation Technology
  20. Post Graduate Diploma Electronics and Instrumentation

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Instrumentation engineering courses are offered in degree- graduate and post graduate, diploma- post graduate, certificate mode. The coursework for an instrumentation course involves class room training and laboratory practice along with seminars, presentations and projects. The curriculum is designed enable the students to learn about instrumentation principles, including the calibration, testing and operation of equipment and different types of automatic control systems. The hands-on training shows students how to install, configure and maintain equipment.

After completing any course in this domain the candidate can take up job in chemicals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, cement, paper, polymers, petroleum refining, power generation, oil and gas fields (onshore and offshore), industrial and scientific gas production, pharmaceuticals, breweries, distilleries, food production, processing and beverages, iron, steel and other metal refining companies, textiles and yarn industries. One of the job profiles offered to the instrumentation engineer includes designing, developing, installing, managing and/or maintaining equipment which is used to monitor and control engineering systems, machinery and processes. The engineer is also responsible for ensuring that the systems and processes in the plant operate effectively, efficiently and safely.