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Searching for a suitable course in petroleum domain? Wondering which is the best study option? Then here it is, about the domain, courses and careers. This page will give you a fair idea about various courses and careers in the petroleum sector.

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Did you know that petroleum engineering is one of the most interesting and tough fields of engineering? It is most also the growing global industry. Studies in this sector focus on the study of mass production of hydrocarbons in the form of crude oil or natural gas. This discipline is also concerned with the exploration, extraction, refining, transporting, marketing of oil, gas and other natural resources from the below the ground through design, drilling, operation and maintenance of underground reservoirs. Careers are available in most parts of the world and it is a launch pad for working in foreign countries. You are right in selecting a career in this sector if you have analytical skills, creativity, math and problem solving skills.


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Petroleum Courses

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  1. Advanced Diploma Petrochemical Technology
  2. B.E Petrochemical Engineering
  3. B.E Petroleum Engineering
  4. B.Tech Oil Technology
  5. B.Tech Petrochemical Engineering
  6. B.Tech Petroleum Engineering
  7. B.Tech Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Engineering
  8. B.Tech Petroleum Technology
  9. B.Tech Upstream and Applied Petroleum Engineering
  10. Diploma Drilling Engineering
  11. Diploma Petrochemical Technology
  12. Diploma Petroleum Refining Engineering
  13. M.B.A Petroleum and Energy Management
  14. M.Tech Applied Geophysics
  15. M.Tech Petroleum Refinery Engineering
  16. M.Tech Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Engineering
  17. MS Petroleum & Exploration

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Don’t you want to know what courses will enable you to launch your career in the petroleum sector? Public and private engineering colleges offer degree and diploma courses in petroleum engineering, applied petroleum engineering, petrochemical engineering, petroleum refining and petrochemical engineering, petroleum refining engineering, petroleum exploration, petroleum refinery engineering. These courses can be taken up at bachelor’s, master’s and later at doctoral level. The graduates use cutting edge technology to innovate methods used for exploring and drilling oil. Complete any of the above courses and you become a professional petroleum engineer equipped with the right skills to locate, explore, recover and preserve the oil and gas supplies across the globe.

The careers in the petroleum sector can be divided into those in the upstream sector and the downstream sector. The former includes activities like exploration and production of oil and natural gases using modern drilling technology and geophysics for maximizing output. On the other hand the down stream sector includes activities like refining, marketing and distribution of petroleum products. The career profiles in this sector are reservoir engineer, production engineer, drilling engineer, mining engineer, petroleum explorator, oil and gas analyst, petrophysicist, onshore/ offshore field safety officer, operation engineer, thermal reservoir engineer, material engineer, geoscientist, geosciences pressure expert, process engineer etc. Where does a petroleum engineer gets placed? In petro industries including oil and natural gas extraction, industries which support mining, petroleum and coal product manufacturing, and engineering services.

If the above field interests you ,then go ahead and opt for a graduate or a diploma course in this sector and you will not regret it for life!