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Control systems play an important role in today’s modern world in applications as diverse as simple household washing machines to complicated autopilot systems of airliners. Students with an aptitude for automatic control of processes can opt for the various courses available in this field for a prestigious career.


Control system engineering is a specialized field that is gaining much attention these days because of the rapid advancement in technology. The benefits of control systems is being reaped by almost every industry today. Without control systems many of the things wouldn't have been possible like, space travel, manned or unmanned. New age modern cars are coming up with automatic control systems that will make yesterday's cars obsolete. Driverless cars will be the norm in near future. Guided missiles, tracking radars also work on the basis of control systems. A control system works by sensing the output of a device whose performance needs to be controlled. The sensed signals are then fed back as feedback, correcting the input and getting the desired performance.


Both bachelor's and master's degree programs are available either as separate disciplines or as part of other engineering programs. Minimum qualification required is a pass in class 12th with science and math.


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Control Systems Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Control Systems courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Control Systems course.

  1. B.E. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  2. B.E. Material Science and Engineering
  3. B.Tech. Electronic Instrumentation & Control Eng
  4. B.Tech. Electronics and Control Systems Eng.
  5. B.Tech. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  6. Diploma Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  7. M.E. Electronics and Control Engineering
  8. M.E. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  9. M.E. Signal Processing
  10. M.E. System Engineering
  11. M.E. Systems Engineering and Operations Research
  12. M.E. Systems Science and Automation
  13. M.Tech. Control Systems
  14. M.Tech. Guidance, Navigation and Control
  15. M.Tech. Micro Electronics & Control Systems
  16. Ph.D. Control Systems

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More about control system

Control system is considered as a sub-discipline of electrical engineering. To create a control system, mathematical modelling of a physical system is done. The physical system can be electrical, mechanical, chemical, etc. It makes use of controllers that get the desired results. As part of a control system, electrical circuits, digital signal processors and microcontrollers are used. The systems work on the principle of feedback. The output corrects itself as per the given feedback. Today most of these systems are monitored and controlled by computers. The best thing about such system is the controls take place automatically without any human interference.


These days control system courses are part of not only electrical engineering but also electronic, mechanical, mechatronics, chemical and aerospace engineering. Students in this field require a thorough understanding of mathematics. Some of the main topics taught in this field are
  1. Control theory
  2. Open and closed loop control
  3. Digital control
  4. System properties
  5. Negative feedback
  6. System modelling and analysis
  7. Controllers
  8. Control applications
  9. Process control

Job opportunities

Various opportunities are available in diverse fields like robotics, aviation, defence, space applications, automation, automobiles and even finance management. As part of their job, control system engineers design, analyze and verify the systems. They need to be comfortable working with computers, software, hardware and other electronic equipments. Solving challenging problems and the ability to multitask should be part of their skill-set. Some of the job titles in this field are
  • Control systems engineer
  • Senior systems engineer
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Control projects engineer
  • Principal systems engineer
  • Design engineering manager
  • Automation engineer