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Is becoming a physicist your dream? Are you searching for information about courses in this domain? Then right here, on this page you will find all the information you are looking for. It includes a brief about this domain, the courses and career options.

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If imagination runs in your blood and any physical phenomena interests you, then physics may be a preferred career choice for you. Read more about physics and the careers in physics domain on this page. Scientists or more specifically physicists have in the past challenged their imagination with various aspects of how the universe behaves and have evolved with discoveries like computers, lasers, curing cancer, new stars in the galaxy, to develop sustainable energy solutions.


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Physics Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Physics courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Physics course.

  1. B.A. Geography
  2. B.Sc. PCFS
  3. B.Sc. Physics
  4. B.Sc. PMS (Physics, Mathematics, Statistics)
  5. B.Sc.PMCS
  6. B.Tech. Engineering Physics
  7. B.Tech. Nuclear Science and Engineering
  8. B.Tech. Optics and Optoelectronics
  9. B.Tech. Water Resource Engineering
  10. M.Phil. Applied Physics
  11. M.Phil. Nuclear Physics
  12. M.Phil. Photonics
  13. M.Phil. Physics
  14. M.Sc. Biophysics
  15. M.Sc. Integrated Physics and Maths
  16. M.Sc. Physics
  17. MS Chemical Physics
  18. MS Physics
  19. Ph.D Physics
  20. Ph.D. Chemical Physics
  21. Ph.D. Metallurgy
  22. Ph.D. Photonics
  23. Ph.D. Physics
  24. Post Graduate Diploma Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System

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By and large physics is one of the most fundamental disciplines of science and is concerned with the study of the laws of nature through the domain of space and time and properties of matter and energy. Physics includes mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism and structure of atoms. Did you know that Michael Faraday started out as penniless apprentice but with persistence and creativity revolutionized the world with the inventions of electric motors and dynamos? Even discoveries like transistor, lasers, splitting of the atom, TV, radio, MRI, PET Scans, quantum theory, semiconductors, about the DNA were all done by physicists!
Are you capable of taking a plunge into this field? Yes, if you are intelligent, have talent, dedication and perseverance to complete long-term projects, attention to details and curiosity to get the hands dirty and come to the answers.

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A graduate in physics can study in any of these specializations namely: physics, astrophysics, geology and physics. The major courses in this discipline span across the areas of atomic physics and quantum optics; nuclear physics; particle physics; astrophysics and cosmology; condensed matter; quantum physics; applied physics; astrophysics; particle physics; mathematical physics; thermodynamics, optics, lasers, image processing, electronics. A physics graduate can take up exhaustive experimentation to investigate natural phenomena by modelling the world in different ways.

Physicists are highly sought after employees in high tech companies mostly because of their problem solving and abstract thinking skills. They are employed in electronics, medical, energy, computing, health sciences, life sciences, astronomy, aerospace and defence, engineering, manufacturing, telecommunication, oil and gas, transport and utilities sectors. If you graduate in physics then you can look forward to taking up any of the job profiles: research analyst, physicist, geophysicist/ field seismologist, metallurgist, radiation protection practitioner, seismic interpreter, accelerator Operator, laser engineer, optical engineer etc. In a nutshell, physics enables the understanding of the world surrounding us, the world within us and build the world of the future. Come, and join the courses in this most basic and fundamental science and become a physicist.