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Looking towards becoming an energy professional. Want to enter an industry which is diverse and has wide choice of careers to offer? A degree or a certificate course in one of the energy courses could be the one you may join soon after 12th. Read for further details.

Energy – A vital part of our lives

It is impossible to imagine a life without energy. All the comforts of modern life, we derive from energy sources. Conventional fuels account for most of the world's energy supply. But they come at a high cost to the environment. The renewable energy sector still has a long way to go. To meet the growing challenges, especially in renewable energy, more and more professionals are needed in this field. Thus it's an exciting time to enter the energy field.

Among other things, a course in energy examines where it comes from, the advantages and disadvantages of various fuels, their production, storage, distribution and uses. Energy engineering courses cover both natural and man-made energy systems.

Course durations

From certificate to postgraduate, variety of courses are available in this field. Duration of certificate courses vary depending on the course. However, undergraduate degree courses are of four years duration.


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Energy Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Energy courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Energy course.

  1. B.Tech. Solar and Alternative Energies
  2. B.Tech. Thermal Engineering
  3. Certification Boiler Attendant
  4. Diploma Energy Mgt. Technology
  5. M.E. Energy Engineering
  6. M.E. Heat Power Engineering
  7. M.E. Renewable Energy Sources
  8. M.Tech. Renewable Energy
  9. M.Tech. Thermal Power Engineering
  10. Ph.D. Energy Systems
  11. Ph.D. Renewable Energy Sources
  12. Post Graduate Diploma Electrical Energy Management and Energy Audit
  13. Post Graduate Diploma Power Plant Instrumentation and Control
  14. Post Graduate Diploma Thermal Power Plant Engineering
  15. Post Graduate Diploma Watershed Management

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More about this sector

Energy engineers work with natural resources such as fossil fuels and focus on finding more efficient ways to supply clean energy. Energy professionals develop innovative technologies to meet the ever increasing demand for energy. Sustainable energy sources like solar, wind, hydroelectricity, biomass and wave energy are the future hope for the world. Research is being done to make them replace conventional fuels. It is for energy engineers to determine which technologies are likely to work and marketable at mass scale.

More about the courses

Courses on energy examine emerging technologies that are likely to transform how the world obtains, distributes and stores energy. Just about anyone who wants to learn more about energy from Sun, wind and water can opt for the renewable energy courses. From energy efficiency to electricity basics, a host of topics are covered. Some of the other topics are - energy resources characteristics, production, distribution and storage systems for electric power, economical aspects and environmental protection.

Job opportunities

The whole world is racing to meet its escalating energy needs. To meet that demand more and more professionals are needed in a variety of roles. That includes improving existing processes in obtaining and distributing energy in an optimum way. Organisations, governments are recruiting professionals for developing strategies to deal with future energy requirements. Then there are jobs for energy engineers who will be into designing and testing machineries. Energy firms hire consultants who can advice on aspects like, reduction of energy consumption, minimising losses, etc.