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Does politics as a career interest you? Wondering about the courses you can opt for in this domain? Here they are, the courses and career opportunities in this field. You will also find a brief description about what politics is all about on this page.

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If you have the interest in understanding the causes of conflict in the world, the drive to work on activities to resolve strife and a strong desire to create better societies then politics is the career choice for you. You may wonder what political science is all about? Political science is a discipline that combines history, current events and analysis. Politics is the study of interaction among individuals, state, government and public affairs in the context of competing visions, values and conflicting interests to achieve compromises and cooperation.


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Politics Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Politics courses for 2023 - 2024 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Politics course.

  1. B.A. Economics, Political Science, Modern Language
  2. B.A. Economics, Politics & Public Administration
  3. B.A. Economics, Politics and Social Work
  4. B.A. History, Economics and Political Science
  5. B.A. History, Political Science, Public Admin
  6. B.A. Political Science
  7. B.A. Public Administration
  8. B.B.A. Business Administration
  9. BBS
  10. Business Skills (CBS) Certification
  11. Certification Microsoft Certified Database Administrators
  12. D.P.A. Diploma Print Administration
  13. Diploma Police Administration
  14. Diploma Public Administration
  15. Executive M.B.A.
  16. I.A.S. Mains
  17. IAS Preliminary
  18. M.A. International Relations
  19. M.A. Politics
  20. M.A. Public Administration
  21. M.A. Public Policy (MPP)
  22. M.B.A Entrepreneurship
  23. M.B.A Financial Management
  24. M.B.A. Business Administration
  25. M.B.A. Fleet Operations and Management
  26. M.B.A. Hotel Management
  27. M.B.A. Human Resource Management
  28. M.B.A. International Hospitality Management
  29. M.B.A. International Management
  30. M.B.A. Marketing Management
  31. M.B.A. National Economic Plan. & Entrepreneurship
  32. M.B.A. Rural Management
  33. M.Phil. Foreign Policy studies
  34. M.Phil. Political Science
  35. Master of Arts - Political Science (MPS)
  36. Master of Arts - Public Administration (MPA)
  37. Master of Arts Political Science (MPS)
  38. MS Political Science
  39. P.U.C Political Science
  40. Ph.D. Colg. Studt. Personnel Services & Admin.
  41. Ph.D. Political Science

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Over the past couple of decades the field of politics has picked up and today it is very much in demand across the globe. You can start with a graduate degree, and if interested in higher studies opt for a post graduate degree followed by a PhD in political sciences. The major divisions in this domain include political philosophy, international relations and comparative politics, developmental politics and public administration. Various subjects in this domain include Economics and Politics, Law and Politics, Linguistic and Cultural Mediation, Conflictology, International Relations and Diplomacy, Political Marketing, Intercultural Conflict Management, Public Affairs, NGO studies, strategic studies, international security studies, national security policy, policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, Human Rights and Democratization, Democracy and Global Transformation, International Peace Studies, Geopolitical Studies, Negotiation, International History, Security and Terrorism, International governance etc. If you opt for a degree in politics then you will be able to research and examine information in depth, analyse evidence critically and construct rational arguments, oratory and written skills, independent decision making, teamwork skills, and an open minded approach to tasks on hand.

There are ample job opportunities available in this sector.
You can take up service in civil service, local, state or central government as urban planner, campaign manager, politician, diplomat, political correspondent, political consultant, foreign service worker, intelligence officer, public relations officer. Another career option open for politics graduate is to work in international business or organizations like retail and media companies, accountancy and banking organisations; charities etc. Politics can also lead to law careers as an attorney, corporate legal department, investigator, parole or probation officer, advocate, labour relations officer to name a few. If this page has triggered your interest, then political sciences is a suitable career choice for you.