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Wondering whether to opt for studying history? Searching for information about this branch? Then here on this page you will find all the details you are looking for. It includes the branch description, courses offered and the career options. Check out these details to decide whether this branch of studies suits your taste.

Course group overview

History is not just about remembering historical events and dates but understanding the human civilization and cultures of the past and the present. History is also about analyzing the effects of these events on people, countries and environment resulting in contemporary thinking. The branch of history offers many opportunities. If you enjoy history and easily slip into the past, then probably this is good career option for you.


History Admission 2024 - 2025 Application Enquiry

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History Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering History courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for History course.

  1. B.A Ancient History
  2. B.A Archeology and Museology
  3. B.A Historical Studies
  4. B.A Indian Heritage and Culture
  5. B.A. History
  6. B.A. History and Tourism
  7. B.A. History, Economics and Political Science
  8. B.A. History, Economics, Geography
  9. B.A. History, Political Science, Public Admin
  10. B.A. i History, Political Science, Modern Language
  11. B.A. in History, Economics, Public Administration
  12. B.A. Islamic History
  13. B.Ed History
  14. Certification Cultural studies
  15. Diploma Manuscriptology and Palaeography
  16. M.A Ancient History and Archaeology
  17. M.A Historical Studies
  18. M.A History & Heritage Management
  19. M.A, History
  20. M.A. History and Tourism Management
  21. M.A. History of Fine Arts
  22. M.Phil Ancient History and Archaeology
  23. Master of Arts - History (MAH)
  24. P.U.C. History
  25. PG Diploma Museology
  26. Ph.D History
  27. Post Graduate Diploma Archival Science & Manuscriptology

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Course group description

Various government and private colleges offer Bachelor, Master's and Doctoral degrees in history. The courses offer many modules starting with foundation in the first year followed by core and advanced modules in subsequent years. The course curriculum is covered using classroom sessions, assignments, site visits, project etc. You will gain rich experience since studies involves in depth research in cultural, social, economical and political events of the past. A large variety of courses and specialization are available in history namely: art history, ancient history, military history, contemporary history, economic history, medieval history, modern day history, heritage studies, international history, social history, cultural history, war studies, countrywide history. A student undergoing history course will be able to organize and interpret data with precision and clarity, investigate and assess material, able to carry out logical discussions, combine research and creativity and conclude based on research.

After completion of the degree in history a graduate is capable of focusing on the modern day cultural, economic, political or social issues. The basic careers as a historian is that of a writer, editor, documentary editor, producer of multimedia material, academic librarian, archivist, records manager, tour guide etc. If you enjoy research and heritage, then you can take up role of a heritage manager or conservation officer or building inspector in a museum, gallery or archive. Jobs in the museum sector include those of museum curator, museum education officer, museum exhibition officer, gallery conservator, or archaeologist. You could also opt for a career in media and journalism by becoming a writer, editor, broadcaster and capture and communicate memorable stories from across the world. There are other professional domains, which can employ a history graduate like law, business, finance, politics, journalism etc. The opportunities are many, and growing with time, but the decision to graduate in history is yours to make.