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Are you desiring to study philosophy or psychology? Searching for courses and careers in these fields? Then right here, on this page you will find the information you are looking for: the details of the domain, the courses and jobs in this domain.

Course overview

On this page you can delve into two interesting careers, namely philosophy and psychology. If you have a penchant for questioning the nature of the mind or understand social interactions then, these two careers may just be right for you. Philosophy is concerned with understanding ethics, and what goes on in the mind based on the works of philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, Kant and recent ones like Russell, Hegel to name a few. On the other hand psychology is a scientific discipline pertaining to the creation and testing of ideas and information processing. Studies in both of the above fields benefit in professional and personal lives. If you possess good communication skills, clubbed with logical and critical thinking then you will find it easy to get into these fields.


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Philosophy and Psychology Courses

Click on a course name below to find the list of colleges offering Philosophy and Psychology courses for 2024 - 2025 academic year. Also, find admission announcements and application form to download and apply for Philosophy and Psychology course.

  1. B.A. Philosophy
  2. B.A. Psychology
  3. B.A. Social Work
  4. B.Sc. Psychology
  5. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
  6. Buddha Studies Certification
  7. M.A Applied Psychology
  8. M.A. Gandhian Thought
  9. M.A. Philosophy
  10. M.A. Philosophy and Religion
  11. M.A. Philosophy, Culture and Tourism
  12. M.A. Psychology
  13. M.Phil. Clinical Psychology
  14. M.Phil. Gandhian Thought
  15. M.Phil. Police Administration
  16. M.Phil. Psychiatric Social Work
  17. M.Phil. Psychology
  18. M.Phil. Rehabilitation Psychology
  19. M.Sc. Applied Psychology
  20. M.Sc. Psychology and Counselling
  21. Master of Social Work (M.S.W)
  22. P.G.D. Guidance and Counselling
  23. Ph.D. Community Service Counseling
  24. Ph.D. Psychology
  25. Post Graduate Diploma Child Psychology
  26. Post Graduate Diploma Psychological Counselling
  27. Post Graduate Diploma Rehabilitation Psychology

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Course group details

A prospective student can opt for degree diploma, post diploma, short term and certificate courses in various fields of philosophy and psychology. These courses are available in government or private universities or colleges. The curriculum may include foundation, history, maths, physics, religion, logic , neuroscience etc. The subjects in philosophy and psychology are taught through instructor led sessions, experiments, project and systematic observation. Once you graduate, you will hone problem solving skills, reasoning, logical and analytical thinking skills.

Degrees in these fields will open up careers in religion, business, internal diplomacy, education, law, media, medical management, social work etc. Careers in psychology include counsellor, psychiatric nurse, art therapist, child care worker, child/ aviation/clinical/educational/ environmental/ forensic military/ sports psychologist, criminal investigator, family therapist, music therapist, probation officer, recreational therapist etc. Once a candidate completes any course in philosophy he or she is eligible to opt for higher studies or take up a job in journalism, media, politics , schools etc.

Overall both these branches are interesting and careers in these are fast growing across the globe. In case you choose to become a psychologist or a philosopher then surely you will not regret it for life!