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Postgraduate Diploma Courses Admissions 2021 - 2022 Academic Year

Are you looking for admission to Postgraduate Diploma courses in India? Check out the list of all Postgraduate Diploma courses and admissions for the next academic year.

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1.  Advanced Diploma in Advertising & PR
2.  P.G. Dip. Advertising
3.  PG Diploma Advertising & Mass Communication
4.  PG Diploma Advertising and Salesmanship
5.  Post Graduate Diploma Advertising and Public Relation
6.  Post Graduate Diploma Public Relations
7.  Post Graduate Diploma Agricultural Water Management
8.  Post Graduate Diploma Plantation Management
9.  Post-Graduate Certificate Agriculture Policy
10.  Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology
11.  P.G.D. Material Science
12.  PG Dip. Design & Construction Concrete Structures
13.  Post Graduate Diploma Computer Aided Design of Concrete structures
14.  Post Graduate Diploma Geographical Cartography
15.  Post Graduate Diploma Rural Development (PGDRD)
16.  PG Diploma Advanced Clinical Research Management
17.  Post Graduate Diploma Criminology and Forensic Science
18.  Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research
19.  Advanced Diploma in Television Production
20.  PGD Wireless Mobile Computing
21.  Post Graduate Diploma Communication (PGDPC )
22.  Post Graduate Diploma Telecom Management
23.  Advanced Diploma in Software Systems
24.  Advanced Level Course In Computer Science
25.  PG Diploma Advanced Networking
26.  PG Diploma System Software Development
27.  PGDCA
28.  Post Graduate Diploma Advanced Computing
29.  Post Graduate Diploma Data Science
30.  Postgraduate Diploma Computer Science & Management
31.  PG Dip. Dairy Technology
32.  PG Diploma in Dental Materials
33.  PG Diploma Multimedia Design
34.  Post Graduate Diploma Graphic Arts
35.  Post Graduate Diploma Visual Arts
36.  Post Graduate Diploma English Language Teaching
37.  PG Diploma in Embedded System and VLSI Design
38.  PG Diploma Industrial Automation System Design
39.  PGD VLSI and embedded system
40.  Post Graduate Diploma VLSI Design
41.  Post Graduate Diploma Electrical Energy Management and Energy Audit
42.  Post Graduate Diploma Power Plant Instrumentation and Control
43.  Post Graduate Diploma Thermal Power Plant Engineering
44.  Post Graduate Diploma Watershed Management
45.  PG Diploma in Animation Film Design
46.  PG Diploma in Film, Television & Video Production
47.  Post Graduate Diploma Film and TV production
48.  Post Graduate Diploma in Audio Engineering
49.  Post Graduate Diploma Theatre Arts
50.  PG Diploma Environmental Management
51.  PG Diploma in Environmental Law and Policy
52.  PG Diploma in Natural Resource Management (PGDNRM)
53.  Post Graduate Diploma Environment Management
54.  Post Graduate Diploma Environmental and Sustainable Development (PGDESD)
55.  Post Graduate Diploma Environmental Law PGDENLW
56.  Post Graduate Diploma Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
57.  Post Graduate Diploma Ground Water Exploration
58.  Post Graduate Diploma Natural Resources
59.  Post Graduate Diploma Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System
60.  A.D.I.T.M.
61.  Diploma Financial Markets
62.  Executive PG Dipl. in Capital and Financial Market
63.  PG Diploma Banking and Insurance
64.  PG Diploma Capital Markets & Merchant Banking
65.  PG Diploma Finance and Taxation
66.  PG Diploma Financial Planning & Wealth Management
67.  PG Diploma in Quantitative Finance (PGDQF)
68.  Post Graduate Diploma Finance and Marketing
69.  Post Graduate Diploma Financial Management (PGDFM)
70.  Post Graduate Diploma Financial Reporting & Control
71.  Post Graduate Diploma Management (Finance)
72.  Post Graduate Diploma Taxation
73.  PG Dip. Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts
74.  PG Diploma Museology
75.  PGD Food Science and Technology
76.  Post Graduate Diploma Bakery science and technology
77.  Diploma Construction Management
78.  Diploma Damage Assessment, Repair & Rehabilitation
79.  Diploma Drives and Control
80.  Diploma Embedded Systems and Applications
81.  Diploma Energy Engineering
82.  Diploma Health Insurance
83.  Diploma Industrial Hygiene
84.  Diploma International Business
85.  Diploma Marine Microbial Technology
86.  Diploma Personnel Management
87.  Diploma Plant Protection
88.  Diploma Production Management
89.  Diploma Promoting Rational Drug Use
90.  Diploma Quantity Surveying and Valuation
91.  Diploma Translation
93.  PG Diploma Clinical Data Management
94.  PG Diploma Clinical Research (PGDCR)
95.  PG Diploma Science Communication
96.  PG Diploma Water Resources Development and Mangmnt
98.  Post Graduate Diploma Audio Programme Production
99.  Post Graduate Diploma Civil Engineering (PGDCE)
100.  Post Graduate Diploma Content Creation and Management
101.  Post Graduate Diploma Criminal Justice (PGDCJ)
102.  Post Graduate Diploma Cyber Security
103.  Post Graduate Diploma Digital Instruments
104.  Post Graduate Diploma Entrepreneurship
105.  Post Graduate Diploma Foreign Trade
106.  Post Graduate Diploma Hydro Power Plant Engineering
107.  Post Graduate Diploma in Ambedkar Studies
108.  Post Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing (PGDBP)
109.  Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetes Education
110.  Post Graduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting
111.  Post Graduate Diploma in Women's Studies
112.  Post Graduate Diploma Intellectual Property Rights
113.  Post Graduate Diploma International Business Language (CCIBL)
114.  Post Graduate Diploma IT in Management
115.  Post Graduate Diploma Library Automation and Networking (PGDLAN)
116.  Post Graduate Diploma Management (Triple Specializ
117.  Post Graduate Diploma Mobile Computing
118.  Post Graduate Diploma NGO Management
119.  Post Graduate Diploma Personnel Management
120.  Post Graduate Diploma Piping Design & Engineering
121.  Post Graduate Diploma Quantity Surveying and Valuation
122.  Post Graduate Diploma Radio Prasaran (PGDRP)
123.  Post Graduate Diploma Radio Programme Production and Management (PGDRPPM
124.  Post Graduate Diploma Renewable Energy
125.  Post Graduate Diploma Retailing
126.  Advanced Diploma in Genomics
127.  Diploma Health Science in Accident & Emerge
128.  Diploma Health Science in Echo-Cardiography
129.  Diploma Health Science in Public Health
130.  Diploma Health Science in Tobacco Control
131.  Diploma Health Science in Ultrasonography
132.  Post Graduate Diploma Developmental Rehabilitation
133.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Insurance
134.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Maternity and Neonatal Care
135.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Tobacco Control
136.  Post Graduate Diploma Maternal and Child Health (PGDMCH)
137.  Post Graduate Diploma Promoting Rational Drug Use
138.  PG Dip. in Craft Marketing
139.  Post Graduate Diploma Ecocriticism
140.  Post Graduate Diploma HR Management
141.  PGD Fire Protection Industrial Safety Engineering
142.  Post Graduate Diploma in Fire & Industrial Safety
143.  P.G.D. Information Technology
144.  PG Diploma IT Infrastructure, Systems and Security
145.  PG Diploma Multimedia Technology
146.  Post Graduate Diploma Bio-informatics
147.  Post Graduate Diploma Geo-informatics
148.  Post Graduate Diploma Internet Technology
149.  Post-Graduate Diploma in Information Management
150.  Post Graduate Diploma Electronics and Instrumentation
151.  Advanced Diploma in Television Journalism
152.  PG Diploma in Development Communication
153.  Post Graduate Diploma Broadcast Mangement and Journalism
154.  Post Graduate Diploma Broadcasting and Journalism
155.  Post Graduate Diploma in Web journalism
156.  Post Graduate Diploma Journalism
157.  Post Graduate Diploma Journalism & Mass Communication
158.  Post Graduate Diploma Journalism (Hindi)
159.  Post Graduate Diploma Journalism (Oriya)
160.  Post Graduate Diploma Journalism (Radio & TV)
161.  Post Graduate Diploma MassComm. Journalism & Advtg.
162.  Post Graduate Diploma Print and Photo journalism
163.  Post Graduate Diploma Television Journalism
164.  Post Graduate Diploma Television Journalism & Video Production
165.  Advanced Diploma in German
166.  Advanced Diploma in Japanese
167.  Advanced Diploma in Russian
168.  P.G.D. English Literature
169.  P.G.D. Natural Language Processing
170.  Post Graduate Diploma Applied Linguistics
171.  Post Graduate Diploma French
172.  Post Graduate Diploma Functional Hindi & Translation
173.  Post Graduate Diploma in German
174.  Post Graduate Diploma in Russian
175.  Post Graduate Diploma Translation (PGDT)
176.  Post Graduate Diploma Urdu Paleography
177.  Advanced Diploma in Cyber Laws
178.  Diploma Hospital Laws & Management
179.  PG Diploma Alternative Dispute Resolution
180.  Post Graduate Diploma Legal Process Outsourcing (PGDLPO)
181.  P.G.D. Marketing Management
182.  PG Diploma Hospital and Health Care Management
183.  PGD Hotel Management
184.  PGDM Business Analytics
185.  PGDM Insurance Management
186.  Post Graduate Diploma Management (Communications)
187.  Post Graduate Diploma PMIR (Personnel Management & Industrial Relations)
188.  P.G.D. Retail Marketing
189.  Post Graduate Diploma Management (Marketing)
190.  Post Graduate Diploma Marketing Management (PGDMM)
191.  Post Graduate Diploma Software Marketing
192.  PG Diploma in Applied Operations Research
193.  Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics
194.  Diploma Anesthetics
195.  Diploma Clinical Pathology
196.  Diploma Community Medicine
197.  Diploma Dermatology, Venereology & Leprocy(DDVL)
198.  Diploma DGO
199.  Diploma Health Science in Acupuncture
200.  Diploma Health Science in Diabetology
201.  Diploma Health Science in Family Medicine
202.  Diploma Health Science in Medical Cosmetolo
203.  Diploma Health Science in Medical Law
204.  Diploma in Maternity and Child Welfare (DMCW)
205.  Diploma Orthopaedics
206.  Diploma Public Health (D.P.H.)
207.  P.G.D. Geriatric Medicine
208.  PG Diploma E.N.T
209.  PG Diploma Hospital Management (PGDHM)
210.  PG Diploma Ophthalmology
211.  Post Graduate Diploma Community Cardiology (PGDCC)
212.  Post Graduate Diploma Early Intervention
213.  Post Graduate Diploma Emergency Medical Care
214.  Post Graduate Diploma Geriatric Medicine (PGDGM)
215.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Accident and Emergency Care
216.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Acupuncture
217.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Adolescent Health Care
218.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Diabetology
219.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Echo-Cardiography
220.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Family Medicine
221.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Medical Cosmetology
222.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Medical Law and Ethics
223.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Public Health
224.  Post Graduate Diploma Health Science in Ultrasonography
225.  Post Graduate Diploma Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM)
226.  Post Graduate Diploma Hospital Billing
227.  Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Cosmetology
228.  Post Graduate Diploma Medical Informatics
229.  Post Graduate Diploma Medical Microbiology
230.  Post Graduate Diploma Medical Transcription
231.  Post Graduate Diploma Pain and Palliative Medicine
232.  Post Graduate Diploma Physician Assistant
233.  Post Graduate Diploma Sports and Exercise Medicine
234.  Post Graduate Diploma Mineral Exploration and Mining
235.  P.G.D. Guidance and Counselling
236.  PG Diploma Pharmacovigilance (PGDPhV)
237.  Post Graduate Diploma Pharmacy Practice and Drug Store Management
238.  Post Graduate Diploma Child Psychology
239.  Post Graduate Diploma Psychological Counselling
240.  Post Graduate Diploma Rehabilitation Psychology
241.  Post Graduate Diploma Media management & TV production
242.  Advanced Diploma in Fire & Safety
243.  P.G.D. Electrical Safety and Safety Management
244.  P.G.D. Food Safety & Quality Management
245.  P.G. Diploma Textile Management
246.  PG Dip. Diploma Safe Transportation
247.  PG Dip. Fleet management
248.  P.G.D. Tourism Management
249.  PG Diploma in Tourism and Logistics Management
250.  PGD Tourism & Leisure Management
251.  PGD Tourism and Cargo Management
252.  Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Science
253.  Post Graduate Diploma Yoga
254.  Post Graduate Diploma Yoga Therapy ( PGDYT )
255.  Post Graduate Diploma Yoga Therapy for Doctors ( PGDYTD)