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Are you looking for information about the Architecture, Building and Planning admission and learning courses in India? Check these courses available in India to know more about the different courses and the advantages of each course over other courses in this group. Understand what which courses are available near your locality and for which courses you will have to go to far off places.

Basic information about Architecture, Building and Planning

With all the great cities and infrastructure coming up in India, even a novice can easily understand that the domain of Architecture, Building and Planning has a great scope, development and Progress in the country. This art of expression has to go through rigorous training, understanding the different factors and helping people to become trained men and women to help the country develop in its structure and improve economy.

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1.  Architecture    - Architecture
Are you in love with the designs of buildings? Searching for information about the various courses in architecture? Here it is, all the essential information you are looking for. It includes the details of this field, courses in this field and what types of jobs can be taken up after completing any course in architecture.

What is Architecture?

Everything that gets constructed, has to go through a design stage. This designing was primarily done on a mind stage. People used to come together and used to decide how each brick has to be kept. But as structures began to be big, mammoth, this mindful activity was no more valid and blue prints of the same had to be done. This is where the domain of architecture comes in.
A blend of creativity, scientific knowledge, calculations, are used to develop structures of all types. Architecture further leads to building and town planning.

How to take admission in these courses?

One has to complete 12th standard education prior to taking admission into Architecture, Building and Planning courses.

Study options for getting into Architecture, Building and Planning in India?

Some states of India recognise 12th standard education as School levels and some understand it as Junior College levels.
After the 12th standard, one has to appear for the entrance examinations to be eligible for admissions into courses like Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.). After one completes this course of 4 to 5 years in Bachelors of Architecture, one can go for various Master's course which can take you further on town planning and other mammoth projects based on Art, Design and Technology.

What happens after your degree?

Chances of getting a job are quite high after you complete your Bachelor's degree. While some of you can look forward for higher education, can find more courses over here on IndiaStudyChannel and those looking for Jobs can check for recruitment in Architecture, Building and Planning over here.

What does it take to be in Architecture and Planning?

While anyone can take admission into Architecture and Planning, it is very well to be broad minded and getting engaged into technology and design and history. It helps to understand the culture and historical background of a place so that one can get dynamic education, design and realise complex structures and buildings and better plan roads and connectivity.