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Wondering what all admissions are happening in India in the Art and Design courses? Want to know how to get admissions in Art and Design studies in the various universities of India? Check this Course Stream details to get detailed information about Art and Design Studies in India and also get notified about the entrance examinations and admissions in India and links to different colleges, institutions and jobs for Art and Design scholars in India.

Art and Design in India

India is well known for the growth and propagation of cultures in its vast geographical spread through the Sub Indian Continent. The formation of the Himalayas connected India to the rest of the world through a direct but mountainous land connection. This has helped the spread of Art and Culture with the Asian continent and other far spread areas.

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1.  Designing    - Designing
Looking forward to get into the creative world of designing fashion accessories or products like cars and computers? Is designing your passion? Then look no further. Get here the details of many such courses in design, the institutes where you can pursue your studies and most important, the career prospects.
2.  Fine Arts    - Fine Arts
Are you thinking of making a career in Fine arts? Searching for the essential information, which can be of use to take this decision? Then here it is, the information you are hunting for. Go through the course group overview and the details including types of degrees, types of courses and the career options in this domain.
3.  Hobby and Recreation    - Hobby and Recreation
Want to do any course in recreation? Wondering whether recreation sector has ample career options? Find relevant information, the courses available and job opportunities in this sector. Read this information to make a judicious career choice.
4.  Music    - Music
What could be better than a course in music for those blessed with a melodious voice and having a special talent for singing or music? In case you are among those fortunate few, blessed with such talents, then a course in music could be the right choice for you.
5.  Fashion    - Fashion
Dreaming of a successful career in the fashion industry? Want to make your dreams come true? Then read this brief overview of the fashion industry and the career options in this field. If you are a creative person with a passion for fashion and trends, then a fashion design or technology course would be an ideal choice for you. Read on to know more about the fashion industry and the institutes which provide fashion technology courses. No matter whether you are looking for a certification course, degree programme or postgraduate course, continue reading to get a detailed view.
6.  Pottery    - Pottery
Wondering how to make a career in pottery? Is pottery your hobby? Do you want to make a living out of pottery? Do you want to pursue certification course in pottery? Then here in this page, you will learn all about pottery. Usually, the pottery course is available via certification course.
7.  Jewelry    - Jewelry
Want to make a career in jewelry sector? Searching for detailed information about courses in jewelry? Here, it is. On this page, you will get all the important you are looking for. This includes a listing of the courses, a brief overview and job opportunities in this sector.

Career in Art and Design

Art and Design in India is seen through the art galleries, impressions by architects on statues and sculptures, and through Career in Fine Arts. Fine arts career are seen in various subjects like designing, sculpting, pottery, interior designing, music, dramatics, and many such similar domains.In Art and Design, art is considered as a form and a medium to create on the basis of conceptualization and giving mindful importance to aesthetics while giving importance to the utility of the object. While still being a subject of infancy and the concept being in the minds of a few people, its acceptance in India is increasing with rise in popularity and also with offering of full time pay packages as well.

Courses and admissions in At and Design

A candidate must complete basic schooling up to 10 + 2 level in order to appear for admissions and entrance tests for Art and Design education in India. Under Graduation courses in Fine Arts leading to Graduation are generally offered as 3 to 4 years duration, following with apprenticeship. Graduates can then search for jobs and opportunities r may also look forward for courses and admissions to Masters Courses as well. The Post Graduation courses are for 2 years duration.

What are career prospects after completing graduation or post graduation in Fine Arts?

Candidates can take part into Painting Drawing, Illustration, Dance, Comics, Printmaking, Imaging, Photography, Conceptual Art, Theatre, Architecture and Sculpture according to their interests. This can be done through software companies, publishing houses, art studios or by freelancing. Some can start as a self employed or others may look for part time and full time jobs. Various other organisations like Advertising agencies, newspapers, magazines, electronic media, films, theatre are always in need of artisans.