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The Science stream is probably the oldest of education course streams in India along with Arts and Commerce. Science stream laid the foundation of imparting education related to basics and developments of Science in the world and India. Check this page to know more about the admissions in the university approved Science Courses, eligibility criteria for such courses and admissions taking place in the country.

Science stream is one of the most popular streams in Education system of India. Since time immemorial and from when Indian Education system got modernised, people have been going forward for education in Science Stream in India. This page at IndiaStudyChannel describes about the different Course Groups available for education in India to enter the Science Stream and get qualified for working in the practical sector of society.

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1.  Electronics    - Electronics
Do you like juggling with resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors and get a kick playing with electronic circuitry? With rapid growth in semiconductor devices, ICs and microprocessors, the future is going to be all about electronics. Thus a career in electronics can be very rewarding for all those very much inclined towards this field.
2.  Agriculture    - Agriculture
Are you thinking to make your career in farming and in agriculture industry? Agriculture is one of the booming sectors in India and there are many courses on agriculture that aspiring students can pursue upon. There are many colleges, universities and institutions in India, where students can take admission.
3.  Fishery    - Fishery
Are you aspiring to make a career in study in Fisheries? Wondering about the specializations available in the fisheries domain? Here it is. On this page you will find a brief the details of all the courses in Fisheries, an brief overview of what fisheries is all about and job opportunities in this domain. You will also find the list of colleges on this page which offer these courses.
4.  Marine    - Marine
Looking to make a career by travelling the high seas? If you have the knack for those monstrous machines criss-crossing mighty oceans or you intend to see the world by landing at every port of call, then a course in marine engineering will lead to a career which will fulfil your dreams and aspirations.
5.  Food and Beverage    - Food and Beverage
Want to make a career in the food and beverage industry? Wondering which course to opt for? Right here, on this page you will get all the essential information you are looking for. This includes a brief idea about the variety of food and beverage courses and job opportunities in this field. If you are looking for becoming a chef or a kitchen manager or have a passion for your handmade creations then this may just be a career option for you.
6.  Biotechnology    - Biotechnology
Have you got a passion for biotechnology? Wondering if this is the right career choice? Check out the details of this domain including various courses and job opportunities in this domain. This page may provide you with inputs to decide whether to opt for biotechnology.
7.  Humanities    - Humanities
Wondering whether to choose a career in Humanities? Looking out for courses and carer options in this field? Then you are on the right page. Here you will find all the essential information you are looking for to decide whether to take up studies in Humanities. It includes the description of this field, the spectrum of courses and the job opportunities available in this field. Choose your course of study plan carefully.
8.  Petroleum    - Petroleum
Searching for a suitable course in petroleum domain? Wondering which is the best study option? Then here it is, about the domain, courses and careers. This page will give you a fair idea about various courses and careers in the petroleum sector.
9.  Control Systems    - Control Systems
Control systems play an important role in today’s modern world in applications as diverse as simple household washing machines to complicated autopilot systems of airliners. Students with an aptitude for automatic control of processes can opt for the various courses available in this field for a prestigious career.
10.  Textile    - Textile
Are you planning to make a career in textiles? Looking out for which courses to study and what job roles are offered? Here it is, on this page you will find what the textile field is all about, and the variety of courses you can choose from. After going through the job opportunities you may find textile a suitable career choice.
11.  Physics    - Physics
Is becoming a physicist your dream? Are you searching for information about courses in this domain? Then right here, on this page you will find all the information you are looking for. It includes a brief about this domain, the courses and career options.
12.  Environment    - Environment
Aspiring to graduate in environmental studies? Want to know about this discipline and what you can do after studying an environment course? Then you have landed on the right page. Here you will get the details of this discipline and the various job opportunities available to you if you opt for any course in environmental studies. Read further to know if this matches your skills, aptitude and interest.
13.  Energy    - Energy
Looking towards becoming an energy professional. Want to enter an industry which is diverse and has wide choice of careers to offer? A degree or a certificate course in one of the energy courses could be the one you may join soon after 12th. Read for further details.
14.  Math    - Math
Do you have fun with numbers? Does the simplicity, elegance and aesthetic beauty of mathematical proofs fascinate you to the extent that you are looking forward to establish a career in mathematics? Find here a list of probable courses in math, colleges where you may pursue them and job prospects in this field.
15.  Production    - Production
Ever thought of studying production? Searching for information about the courses and jobs in this field? On this page you find a brief overview about this field, types of courses and career options in this field.
16.  Genetics    - Genetics
Are you aspiring to study genetics? Looking out for information about the various courses in genetics and the job opportunities? Then you will definitely find this page useful. You will find a brief description of genetics, the courses offered in this branch and what careers you can take up in this branch. Read on and decide whether you wish to enter the world of genetics.
17.  Politics    - Politics
Does politics as a career interest you? Wondering about the courses you can opt for in this domain? Here they are, the courses and career opportunities in this field. You will also find a brief description about what politics is all about on this page.
18.  Defense    - Defense
With increasing rivalry among nations and rapid advancement in weapon technology, modern warfares have become very expensive and complicated affairs. To understand them better, a number of defense related courses are available for those inclined towards matters related to national and international security.
19.  Conservation    - Conservation
Rapid industrialization and population increase has put a big burden on our environment and on natural resources. It is thus essential that we take to conserving the environment before it is too late. Students who are highly motivated to pursue courses on conservation can learn from here the options available to them.
20.  Manufacturing    - Manufacturing
A country's economy depends a lot upon its manufacturing industries. Modern manufacturing is a complex process involving innovations in product design and bringing efficiency in the manufacturing process. Learn here about the courses in this field, which these days is more about automation and computer aided designing and manufacturing.
21.  Cryogenics    - Cryogenics
Cryogenics is a highly specialized field of physics and engineering which studies the production of materials and their behaviour at extremely low temperatures. If studying the science behind very low temperatures and its applications interests you, then enroll for one such course to become a cryogenicist.
22.  Application    - Application
This education category gives information about the Application technology and the career options available in India. Application Science informs and educates about how to make certain aspects happen based on the theories, calculations and logic. Get to know more detail about these courses and read further.
23.  Zoology    - Zoology
Are you interested in studying zoology? Searching for details of courses and careers in this field? On this page, you will find all the answers you are looking for. This page includes a brief idea about this field, various courses, and job opportunities in this field. Read on and this page may be an eye opener for you.
24.  Home Science    - Home Science
Are you interested in home making and doing household chores? Are you interested in the subject of Home Science and want to make a career in the related field? Do you love to manage the resources efficiently and effectively for achieving a healthier and happy home? Then, a course in Home Science will be fruitful for you.
25.  Dairy    - Dairy
Are you looking to build a career that is rewarding? Do you want to be in the occupation of production and processing of milk and dairy products? Do you want to build your career in dairy sector? Here in this post, you can learn about all the important details regarding this program.
26.  Biochemistry    - Biochemistry
Are you interested to carry out research in the field of pharmaceuticals? Do you want to know how chemical reactions take place in our cells and tissues? In case you have such aspirations, then Biochemistry is definitely the right choice for you. Get here the details about the course.
27.  Ceramics    - Ceramics
Are you interested in starting a career in ceramics and its numerous applications? Then, a course in Ceramics will help you. Ceramics Technology is a very enterprising course that deals with the study, properties, design, manufacturing and uses of ceramics in the modern world. Get to know about various details here.
28.  M.Sc. Agricultural Statistics    - Master of Science in Agricultural Statistics
Do you want to make your career in the field of agriculture? Do you want to collect, process and analyze agricultural statistical data? Then, you should pursue M.Sc Agricultural Statistics course. Here, you will get all the information related to the course such as course details, eligibility criteria, course duration and much more.
29.  Chemistry    - Chemistry
Do you want to study any course that specializes in Chemistry? Today there are a lot of specializations that are available keeping the subject of Chemistry in mind, namely, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Sciences, etc. Although all these courses have one common topic, which is Chemistry, the aspects of Chemistry addressed to in each such courses are different. So, before joining any such course, you must have some prior knowledge about the course content, eligibility criteria etc. You will find all those and more information about all the courses on Chemistry in the courses offered under this category.
30.  Biology    - Biology
Are you looking for Biology courses and options for higher education in Biology? Check out the best courses in Biology and secure a great career.

Job Opportunities in Science Stream

Science stream with courses as B.Sc. These courses were very popular in the mid 20th century. As almost every other person started doing B.Sc. course, saturation started building up. By saying saturation, it means that too many people doing the same course and not enough jobs were available for people with same qualification. This happened because the need of more specialized knowledge became a demand.

Starting up of new courses and growth of Science Stream

With the growth in need of specialized knowledge, new courses, lengthier courses, Bachelors in specific areas started coming up. This also create a new market of specialized jobs with specific skills in the domain of Engineering, Medicine and Defence. Courses which were on an average of 2 to 3 years increased to become courses of up to 5 to 8 eights offering Masters' qualifications.

Check this Course Stream to get to know the different course groups in Science Stream. At the same time get to know the courses, the course admissions and results happening around the year in India.