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Tourism and Hospitality have seen their growths in various domains. Whether it be leisure or business or medical tourism and hospitality, people from all societies of the world come to India for such related services. Check this course page to know more information about the various admissions going on in India, universities offering Travel courses and colleges imparting university approved education.

Travel and Tourism in India has a huge potential and and is developing and an awareness is coming up in the minds of the people that new opportunities are being created for skilled men and women to address. Opportunities like officers, information assistants, tourist guides are open for people. Such opportunities are also available in industries like travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cargo companies and cruises. Simultaneously courses are also being made available to ensure people in this field to be skilled and knowledgeable about the questions they will have to face.

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1.  Travel and Tourism    - Travel and Tourism
The travel and tourism industry is growing by leap and bounds in India. So, are the job prospects. If you are young, dynamic and have lots of patience, this sector is for you. Apart from good package, it provides ample opportunities to travel for free.
2.  Catering    - Catering
Earlier whether it was marriage or a social gathering, the relatives would take care of catering. But over a decade the trend has changed and professional caterers are hired for special occasions. As a result, catering business has registered growth even in times of slowdown.
3.  Hospitality    - Hospitality
With travel, tourism and catering industry booming in India, can Hospitality be far behind. All the three sectors depend on hospitality sector directly or indirectly. Thus, making this sector increasingly popular for job seekers.
4.  Transport    - Transport
Logistics is a very important aspect of business. It helps the manufacturers to supply their products to their customers in time and meet their expectations. Transport and logistics ensures that the supply chain from obtaining raw material to delivering finished goods to the customers is never broken. With the rise of e-commerce in India, transport industry is also looking on the rise.

Check this page to know more about the different courses available for studying further in Tourism and travel industries. This will also give you an idea as to what different directions one can learn and grow in the career. Get to know the list of different colleges approved by respective state and national universities thus offering and imparting knowledge. Also get to know the latest admissions happening for hospitality and the results of the entrance examinations.