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Aspiring to make a career in Social Sciences? Wondering about what sort of courses are offered in this stream? Check out this page for knowing more about this stream, the courses and degrees offered and the careers options. You never know this may be the future for you!

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Ever wondered what is Social Science? It is the scientific study of society and the relationships among human beings in this society. Why should you choose a career in social sciences? This stream is about alternative futures like advances in medical research and nanotechnology, about health and well-being which may end up in saving your life, assist in making your neighbourhood and environment safer, improve lifestyle in general, and overall change the world for the better. If the above points interest you then read further to understand the courses and careers in this stream.

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1.  Sociology    - Sociology
Are you planning to make a career in sociology? Searching for courses in this field? Find a detailed description of the field, the various courses and job opportunities which one can take up after studying any sociology course. The contents of this page may inspire you to take opt for studies in sociology.

Course group details

Social Sciences is quite a common stream and largely all universities offer degree courses from bachelor's to doctoral research. It includes various subjects like economics, politics, geography, psychology, law, sociology, humanities, history, linguistics, archaeology, environmental studies, international affairs, public administration etc.

Once you complete a graduate/ post graduate or doctoral degree in a specific field of social science then you can choose any of the following careers:
In economics: career options are economist, in finance, banking, investment, insurance sector, auditor etc. in public or private sector or own consultancy.
  • In political science field as public or private researcher, urban planner, politician, lobbyist, political aide, labour relations, customs agent or officer, government relations, veteran's claim representative in government or private sector or in NGOs, political parties, or set up own campaign and party.
  • In public administration as the name suggest the careers available are government office manager, IAS officer, UPSC/ SSC purchase officer, contractor, budget officer, policy researcher, HRM manager, program advisor in international, government, semi government or NGOs.
  • Careers in sociology include that of criminologist, community officer, market analyst, sociologist, pollster, critique etc. in industries, government sector, child welfare, women welfare, labour welfare agencies, mental health organizations.
  • In environmental studies: you can choose to become a geologist, forest ranger, land officer, disaster manager, hazardous waste manager, in water department in National parks, forests, agriculture department, business, NGOs etc.
  • In geography: GIS consultant, market analyst, travel agent, satellite data analyst, disaster management, cartographer in government or private sector, in real estate, airline, shipping, transportation firms, maps and atlas companies.
  • In international affairs field as foreign officer, intelligence analyst, political risk analyst, journalist etc. in UN, International banks, government departments- defence, home ministry, NGOs.

  • No wonder the above large list of careers triggered my interest in this stream. What about you?